Healthy Toddler Snacks to Put in Easter Eggs

Your little ones have years of eating ahead of them. It’s important to teach them that treats are special, but they don’t have to be complete junk, either. There are a lot of healthy toddler snacks out there that are a fabulous alternative to candy when it comes to filling Easter eggs or baskets!

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I am that crunchy mama who just does not want to load Camden’s Easter basket with a bunch of sugar. He’s only 1, and he just doesn’t need it. So I’ve been on the hunt for fun treats to put in his basket and eggs that he will love, but that don’t contain loads of processed sugar and junk. Here’s a roundup of great options for healthy snacks to put in toddlers’ Easter eggs. 


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happy baby puffs


Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs

These puffs are organic and made from fruits and veggies. They contain only 1g of (natural fruit) sugar per serving, and they’re fortified with choline, which is important for your toddler’s brain health!

happy baby creamies

Happy Baby Organic Creamies

Creamies are a delicious freeze dried fruit-and-veggie snack. They’re crunchy little discs – almost the texture of a graham cracker – but they dissolve in your toddler’s mouth easily. These are one of Camden’s favorite treats!


happy baby yogis

Happy Baby Organic Yogis

Yogis are freeze dried yogurt melts. They come in multiple different flavors, and they dissolve easily on your toddler’s tongue. They’re a perfect sweet little treat!



teensy fruits


Plum Organics Teensy Fruits

Teensy Fruits are little fruit bites (like fruit snacks) made of 97% fruit. There is no added sugar (just fruit sugar), so these are a great choice for toddlers!



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freeze dried fruit

Freeze Dried Fruit

This is Camden’s newest favorite treat. Freeze dried fruit is a great snack for little ones who have at least a few teeth. Just make sure that the only ingredient in your freeze dried fruit is the fruit – no preservatives, no sugar, nothing added. 


mighty dinos

Plum Organics Mighty Dinos

These cheesy dinosaurs are kind of like goldfish, but they’re made with quinoa, grains, and other healthier ingredients. Overall, they’re a better option than goldfish. 


crispy chews

Sprout Organic Crispy Chews

Crispy Chews are square pieces of fruit leather with crisped rice in them to give them a nice little crunch. They help expose your toddler to new and different textures. 



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Sprout Organic Crinkles

These are savory little snacks, like a twisted chip/cracker. Camden likes to snack on these too!


Nosh! Baby Munchable Teething Wafers

Especially if your little one is just getting some teeth, these wafers are perfect! Most teething wafers are long, but Nosh! has some that are square and round, which means they fit better in large Easter eggs. Camden loves to snack on a biscuit or two while he’s waiting for his breakfast in the morning. 


toddler easter

Stretch Island Fruit Strips

To me these are a special treat. They may be all fruit, but they still contain a lot of (natural) sugar. But Easter is a great time for a special treat, and these can be folded up or rolled into an Easter egg. 


MeWe Baby Nut Butter Blend Snack Packs

I haven’t tried these yet, but Camden loves peanut butter, so I know these will be a hit! I love that he can eat it straight out of the package; we try to give him a spoon with a little pb, but it makes such a mess!


peter rabbit pouches

Peter Rabbit Fruit and Veggie Pouches

These probably won’t fit IN the Easter egg, but they can be hidden or put in your toddler’s Easter basket. I recommend checking the label on the variety you’re buying; for instance, the strawberry banana ones contain only fruit and no added sugar. But the apple-grape variety contains apple juice from concentrate and has 10g of added sugars! Check what you’re buying before you buy it but these are a great special treat!


What are your favorite treats to put in your toddler’s Easter eggs or Easter basket? Do you prefer food or non-food items for your little one to find?

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