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persona vitamins worth the investment

I received Persona Vitamins for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

What are Persona VItamins?

persona personalized vitamins

Persona is a personalized, online vitamin service. They have you
answer a questionnaire/quiz when you sign up, so they can figure
out what exactly your body is lacking and/or needing. For example, I don’t eat a lot of dairy, so a calcium supplement was added to mine. And since we were trying to conceive, my daily multivitamin was a simple prenatal.

Once you place your order, Persona sends you a package with your vitamins. They are in a box and they’re packaged by day and time of day. So there was one packet for Monday morning, one for Monday evening, etc.

The whole ordering experience was quick and easy and painless!

My Experience with Persona Vitamins

women holding persona personalized vitamins

My first impression was that Persona is quite a bit more expensive than your typical store vitamin. However my second impression is that they’re using higher quality ingredients that your body is actually breaking down and absorbing to use.

Mine were also split into morning and evening vitamins – I’ve never taken a vitamin that I had to remember to take twice a day. For me, it’s hard enough to remember it once, let alone twice.

The vitamins are also pretty big. If you have a problem swallowing big pills – I do – these are definitely on the larger side. I just take them with a spoonful of yogurt and it’s fine.

But – Wait! Flip the Script (The Cons Are Really Pros!)

Honestly, the reason that the vitamins are big and split into two doses is to help your body absorb more of the vitamins and minerals in them. Too often, vitamins with the plastic coating or smaller vitamins don’t dissolve in our systems, so we’re paying empty dollars and getting no benefit.

Plus, these are analyzed against any medications you’re taking – no need to pay for a doctor visit to figure out if whatever storebought multivitamin is safe to take with your prescriptions! The personalization and care is why they cost more, and for good reason. There are some places that extra cost really gives extra benefit, and Persona Nutrition is one of those!

Would I Purchase Persona Vitamins Again?

I definitely would! I had to stop taking them for the moment, because once I actually got pregnant, I needed a first trimester prenatal vitamin without iron. (If you get really bad nausea, try switching to one without iron for the first trimester – it makes a world of difference!) But as soon as we’re over that hump, I’ll go back to taking them.

I appreciate a vitamin that I can feel like is actually addressing my deficits. And I’m curious to try them when it isn’t just a simple ‘oh, you need a prenatal’ case.

Persona also has a nutritionist service, so before or after your order your vitamins, you can connect with a personalized nutritionist and discuss the what and why behind your vitamins. If you have questions or concerns, they’re available to answer them.

If you want to try Persona for yourself, they give you 50% off your first order! Head to Persona Nutrition to try them for yourself today.

persona personalized vitamins worth the cost

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