Hi, there!

I’m Lisa.  Welcome to Biscuits and Grading!

Here you’ll find a myriad of recipes, all united by one thing – they’re delicious! I aim to make easy, delicious and fresh food as much as possible; I want to trust the ingredients I’m putting in my food!

Why Biscuits and Grading?

The name is a marriage of my two favorite things – teaching and baking! I’m a teacher by day, and I honestly love doing such an important job. I also love baking – hence, the name Biscuits and Grading.

5  Facts About Me:

picture courtesy of Greenbelt Photography

1. My husband is my favorite person to cook for. We’re perfect for each other – I love to eat, and he loves to eat what I cook! 🙂

2. We got married in a barn! He wanted the big wedding, and my conditional agreement was that we get married in a barn. And I don’t have 1 ounce of regret!

3. The one ingredient you’ll never find in my recipes? Onion.  I have an onion intolerance, so I’ve spent years learning to cook without onion. It’s not easy, because onion is used to flavor so many dishes. But not in my food!

4. My husband and I have 2 adorable fur-babies: Lucy and Gwen. As you can see, Lucy is the serious, contemplative type, and Gwen is, well, the class clown.










5. Coffee is my lifeline. My husband is the only one who sees me before I’ve had my coffee. Apparently, I’m a liiiittle bit crabby without it!


Thanks for stopping by! Have a look around – I know you’ll find something great!

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