Easter Outfits for Baby Boys 0-24 Months

Easter is coming up and you know you need an Easter outfit for your little man! I’ve collected all the best Easter outfits for baby boys and put them in one, easy-to-scroll list. Check it out here!


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I am obsessed with little boys’ clothes – the plaid onesies, suspenders, bowties, polos, boots, and boat shoes. I literally just can’t get enough. Who needs little girls’ dresses and hairbows, anyway? I’m a boy mom right now, and I just can’t get enough of dressing my little man up. 

Easter is the perfect reason to dress up your little boy. Whether you live where it’s just starting to warm up or where it’s hot and sunny, I’ve got you covered. I’ve put together a list of all the cutest Easter outfits for baby boys, both pants and shorts outfits, for your little boy. Good luck trying to resist buying them all. I’m working hard on that, too. Ha. 




Easter Outfits for Baby Boys with Pants:




Carter’s Plaid Bodysuit, Jeans and Bowtie Set

This is the outfit I choose for Camden this year for Easter. I’ve got a thing for plaid onesies paired with jeans – so stinkin’ cute! I can’t wait to put him in it!



Carter’s Plaid Bodysuit, Khakis and Suspenders

This outfit is sooo cute! I’m in love with the suspenders!



Carter’s Plaid Bodysuit, Pants and Suspenders Set

love the large-plaid style of the bodysuit on this outfit! It would look great with jeans, too!



Carter’s Button-Down Dino Bodysuit & Suspender Jeans Set

The dinosaur print on the bodysuit is adorable – and I love a man (boy) in pink, too! This outfit was my 2nd choice for Camden’s Easter outfit!



Carter’s Chambray Bodysuit, Dinosaur Pants and Striped Bowtie

Again – that dinosaur print and the pink! Love the idea of pink pants; they’re so springy!



Carter’s Nautical Bodysuit, White Pants and Striped Suspenders

Ooh – I’m loving this one, too! Although, I’d be leary of buying it for Camden since he’s walking and crawling. But a little, little boy? Ohhhh yeah, this would be my choice. I can only imagine how handsome little boys will be in this.


Just One You Baby Boys Mint Plaid Pants Set

I love, love, love mint, especially in these pants! Camden already has some mint colored pants with whale print on them, so I can recommend the color – it’s so cute on little boys!



Just One You Baby Boys Whale Print Pants with Suspenders and Chambray Bodysuit

The whale print is so cute, and contrast of the plaid bowtie is just perfect!



Just One You Plaid and Poppy Top and Pants Set with Bowtie

I cannot get enough of these coral colored pants (and the matching bowtie!). You NEED this (I need this! haha.).



Just One You Baby Boys Long Sleeve Seersucker Bodysuit with Bowtie and Pants

This was another top contender for Camden’s Easter outfit. My favorite part of the outfit is the way the pants turn up at the cuffs and have the same pattern as the bodysuit!



Just One You Baby Boys Short Sleeve Woven Bodysuit with Long Pants

These pastel colors all paired together are just the perfect spring outfit! Check out the shorts version down below!




Just One You Elephant Bodysuit and Pants Set

This elephant print is so cute in this simple, dressy outfit!



Easter Outfits for Baby Boys with Shorts:


Is it shorts weather where you live? It’s not for us, so I’ll just dream about putting Camden in these outfits. But if you’ve got the warm weather, you’re going to want to grab one of these adorable sets for your little man!



Just One You Baby Boys’ Woven Bodysuit with Shorts

This is the shorts version of the long pants outfit above. The pastel colors are still gorgeous!



Just One You Baby Boys’ Striped Shortall Set

The shorts. The suspenders. And, that cute bowties – it’s all so tiny and adorable!



Just One You Short Sleeve Polo and Twill Shorts Set

I love the contrast of the stripes and the twill bowtie shorts. So cute with some little sandals!



Just One You 2pc Boat Print Shorts Set

This is soooo summery and grown up for your sweet, little man! I can just imagine pairing it with some cute boat shoes!




Just One You 2pc Plaid Shortall Set

Oh my goodness – this is adorable! I cannot get enough of the mint polo and the plaid overalls. 




Just One You Baby Boys 2pc Shorts and Plaid Shirt Set

Love the easy, summery vibe of this outfit. It can be dressed up for Easter, but it’ll still work all spring and summer long, too. 



Carter’s Baby Boys’ Dinosaur Print Khaki Shorts and Chambray Button Up

Once again – I love the dino print. And this is such an easy, cool outfit. It would look great dressed up (maybe add a bowtie?) or paired with flip-flops too!



Easter Outfits for Baby Boys 0-24 Months #easter #easterbaby #easterclothes #babyboy #babyboyclothes #boymom


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  1. Kale @ steakandkale.com

    The whale print pants are so cute! I had fun looking at all of your pictures. 🙂

  2. D. Allyson Howlett

    I love easter outfits! Bowties and suspenders all year long!

  3. Ayesha

    So cute! Sending this list to my friend.

  4. Shelby Shidler

    So adorable! I loved getting my boys dressed up for Easter!

    1. luluspov

      Lovely outfits, I will share with all my boy mom friends, I’m sure they will greatly appreciate it.

  5. Cendu

    Oh my goodness!! These are tooooo cuuute! I’m dead! LOL You’ve got a litttle something for everybody which I love. I’m all about the suspenders so I think I’ll be grabbing one of those. The prices are great too, Win Win!

  6. Lorena y Lennox

    These outfits are just adorable! I will have to check some of the out in toddler size!

  7. Megan

    I’ve been looking for an Easter outfit for my little guy. I love seersucker and bow ties!

  8. Amanda

    These are the cutest! I loved dressing all my boys in the little suspenders.

  9. Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    Oh my heart!!! I’ve been bookmarking easter outfits the past few days and baby boy outfits are too cute. This is my first year dressing a baby boy and it’s been so much fun!

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