5 Ways to Simplify Easter in Your Home

Holidays can get crazy, stressful, and out-of-hand before we know it. Check out my 5 Ways to Help You Simplify Easter and make your focus on family instead of stuff this holiday!

Ways to Simplify Easter in Your Home #minimalism #easter #eastereggs #simplifiy


I know holidays can get big and crazy and busy, and it all seems to happen in the blink of an eye. And then, as mama, you’re left stressed out, overwrought, overtired, and you don’t even get to enjoy the holiday.

We often end up traveling to my side of the family for Easter one day of the weekend, and then the next day we travel to Andrew’s side of the family. That involves 3 hours of driving one day and 6+ hours the next. And this year it would be with a toddler. In the car. Can you say ‘hot mess?’ I usually end up stressed out, so tired of trying to have Easter at home, and with each family, and just get normal weekend tasks done. I end up not enjoying the holiday, because I’m busy thinking about how we need to get home one day because we have to turn around and do it again in the morning.

And of course, I insist on taking elaborate food to each holiday, because I’m a food blogger, I should be making awesome stuff, right?

Sound like you?

Stop. Just stop.

What if, this Easter, you made a promise to yourself to slow down, look around a little more, be present, and really enjoy Easter with your family?

That’s my goal, and here’s some ways I’m going to work to simplify Easter this year.


Make it more about family and less about stuff.

Holidays can get so big and elaborate when they just don’t need to be. This is the first year that Camden will really be into finding Easter eggs and the whole shindig. But I’m working hard to make it simple in our house. I’m creating a tradition for Easter baskets: every year, I’m going to put a couple of snacks, 1 or 2 books, and an outside toy (like sidewalk chalk – something cheap), and one other special surprise.

The best part of this? When I know there’s a routine for the basket, I can start shopping waaay ahead of time. By St. Patrick’s Day, I had everything bought and figured out for Camden’s basket.

We are going to go to an Easter egg hunt in town and then see family for Easter. We’re keeping the whole holiday low key and simple, because it’s about making memories with my little family – not about the eggs, candy, gifts, or stuff.

And if your kids are old enough, teach them why Easter should be about family and togetherness and closeness. If you’re religious, you’ve got so much to talk about. If you’re not religious, then Easter probably really is about fun and family, so talk to them about that. Get them involved – let them help plan something!


Let everyone know the expectations (or lack thereof) up front.

This year, we’re doing a 3 hour round trip Saturday and another 3 hour round trip Sunday. Take those hours out of Camden’s waking hours, and there’s only a small number of waking hours left. That means we tell people up front that, of course we’ll be there for Easter, but it will only be for a few hours. No, we won’t be there for lunch and stay for dinner. No, we won’t keep Camden up late just so we can hang out.

I have said before that I am absolutely the crazy nap Nazi, and that helps us be very up front about expectations with everyone. We let everyone know that we will work around Camden’s sleep schedule to be there (e.g. traveling at naptime, and leaving in time to be home for bedtime), and let’s face it, no one can really complain too much about that. And if they do, well, their opinion is none of my business, thank you very much.



Keep the food simple, crazy mama!

This is my constant struggle. It’s a holiday, so it’s my chance to try out something crazy, right?? no. We travel to visit family; we get home late on Saturday and turn around on Sunday morning and drive again. So, I’m saying this as much for me as I am for you: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

This is the time to use your Instant Pot or Crockpot; try this Buffalo Chicken Dip or Creamy, Perfect Mac and Cheese. It’s the time to use hacks (like cake mix cookies or Gooey Oreo Brownies made with a boxed mix). Guess what? Thee quick dishes are just as impressive and delicious, and you’re still going to get a million compliments and requests for recipes. And, when they request the recipe and find out that it’s a hack recipe, they will love you for it!


Choose to be present.

Whether you’re traveling or you’re the one hosting, do what you can to be present. On big holidays, I get caught up in everything that needs to be done, and I miss out on some of the time with my family. As soon as we find eggs or open gifts or whatever, I’m off to the kitchen to make breakfast or clean up. Instead of sitting down with Camden and playing with his new toy and reading his new book, I’m off to get more work done.

My goal this year is to have everything prepped beforehand. On Saturday, whatever I’m taking will be ready before we leave the house. When we get to my family’s celebration, I’m going to play with my son, help him find eggs, and enjoy our time together. And when we get home, I’ll put Camden to bed and get Sunday’s food ready. So when he wakes up on Sunday, we can find eggs at home, play with his new toy, and enjoy each other. My goal is to be present; everything else can wait. I only get one Easter with a one-year-old Camden. 


Do what you can, and don’t sweat what you can’t (or don’t want to) do.

This is a big one. You don’t have to be a fancy-schmancy Pinterest mom this Easter – or any Easter. Or any holiday. 

Pinterest is definitely a trap in the feel-like-you’re-less-than cycle. But remember, your kids love you and your kids only know what you do. If you keep things simple and easy, they’ll never know it could be any different. 

And if you’ve made it elaborate before, back off on a couple of things this year, a couple next year, and so on, until you’ve simplified it as much as you want. 


do what you can, and don’t sweat what you can’t (or don’t want to) do.


  • Easter baskets: I told you how I plan to keep them simple.
  • Decorations: Choose mostly springy decorations with a few Easter specific ones. That way, most of them can be put up in March and left up until May. Orrrr, don’t decorate!! Who cares?
  • Eggs: to dye or not to dye? You choose. I don’t think the effort is worth it with a one-year-old so I’m just putting toddler snacks in plastic eggs. 
  • Food: Like I said, keep it simple. Or just buy something at the store or order a ham from someone. No one will know or care. Promise. 



I am just getting knee-deep in this parenting thing, and this is only my second Easter with a child. However, the one thing I am so sure of is that being present with my family is the most important aspect of each holiday to me. These are the ways I’m going to work to make that happen.

How do you keep your Easter celebrations simple? How have you managed to simplify Easter over the years?


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Ways to Simplify Easter in Your Home #minimalism #easter #eastereggs #simplifiy


Ways to Simplify Easter in Your Home #minimalism #easter #eastereggs #simplifiy

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  1. shravmusings

    Thanks for such simple tips to make our live wasiir during Easter

  2. sunshineandmunchkins

    I agree that holidays feel like they are getting a little out of control! We need to just take a step back and remember the important things. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect and that’s totally okay and there’s no need to beat ourselves up about it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. D. Allyson Howlett

    Easter is never a big to do in our home. We do the egg hunt, they get a small gift and then we just enjoy the day and food. Love keeping it simple. I dont understand why it needs to be more than that. love the post!

  4. Lisa

    Love the tips on keeping Easter Simple. I agree the holidays shouldn’t be about the stuff it should be about spending time together, having fun and making memories.

  5. simplehappywife

    Love this! It is so easy to get caught up in doing it, all and you are so right.. then we don’t enjoy it. We always have ham for Easter and scalloped potatoes so that is pretty simple because it is already decided.

  6. Annie

    Oh I love these! I like the simplified Easter basket. Impressed you were done by st Patrick’s day! Will be a great strategy for Christmas too! Annie@awakenandbd

  7. Meredith

    Yes! Holidays are all so over the top now. I feel like a lot of us just need permission to let them be simple again. They are more enjoyable that way!

  8. megan beaver

    I feel you on this! The only holidays I really go out of my way for are Christmas and Halloween. Less is definitely more. The last year or so I only decorate the mantel and the counter and its so much less stressful. And yes 100 times to keeping the food simple. If I can buy pre-cooked food I will too now. I enjoy the holidays much more now.

  9. Lorena y Lennox

    Excellent ideas to keep Easter simple =)

  10. Elizabeth | Tired Mom Supermom

    I’m right with you there! It is NOT about stuff. Not about the Easter baskets or the heaps of candy my kids look forward to every year. It’s about the time spent with family. Family matters more than candy, pretty basic, but we seem to forget these things around the holidays.

  11. Christine

    More about family, less about stuff- so much yes!! I am all about simplifying life and truly believe kids are happier and better off for it. Great post!

  12. Katie @ Teacher and the Tots Blog

    I loved this article!! I find myself trying to do everything to the Max far too often, and you’re right, it makes it hard to be present and fully enjoy it. Love what you mentioned about making expectations clear with family.

  13. Kayvona Branson

    I am all for a simple Easter! My family never does anything to big.

  14. angela@marathonsandmotivation.com

    These are all great tips! I know at my house this is such a busy time of year, but I try to make the most of it with my family.

  15. Slay At Home Mother (@slayathomemothr)

    I love this – I keep seeing these extravagant Easter baskets like a second Christmas with like $200 worth of toys and candy. It’s a little much!

  16. Melissa Balgobin

    This Easter, I decided to make the kids baskets myself and incorporate more Spring related outdoor activities rather than candy and toys, and also am planning an Easter egg hunt, and less crazy meal cooking. Every we year we always have more left over then we know what to do with. Thanks for these great tips!

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