Life Updates – Starting the Fourth Quarter of 2020

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We’ve had some major life changes over here. Here are our life updates as we enter the fourth quarter of 2020.

Life Updates - Entering the Fourth Quarter 2020

It has. been. a. year. around here. Honestly, it hasn’t even been the pandemic that has really been the craziest for us. I share a lot of what’s going on over on my Instagram, but I figured I should do a little updating over here.

The Tough Updates

life updates fourth quarter cam with grandpa 1

If you follow me over on Instagram, you know that we lost my husband’s father a few weeks ago. It’s been a tough gut punch for everyone and my husband and his family miss him terribly. And obviously the grief doesn’t just go away, so it’ll be a struggle for everyone for a long time.

You guys, my father in law was a good, good man. He was the type to always make sure you were included, and he loved to joke around and teach the grandkids new things to build/play/do outside.

Cam is doing okay with the whole thing, because he doesn’t really know what’s going on. I just keep trying to talk about Grandpa Mark to him so he doesn’t forget him. I’m planning to make him a Pinhole Press board book with photos; I haven’t decided if I want it to just be about Grandpa, or if I want it to feature all of his grandparents. I’m leaning toward all of the grandparents.

The Frustrating Updates

I’ve been talking a lot on Instagram about our experience with the infertility process. It’s frustrating enough that we lost out on months of help and intervention and IUI chances because the local hospital charges outrageous costs.

But now we’re dealing with insurance issues – and you all know how frustrating those can be. Calls and appeals and calls on calls on calls – it’s never-ending. Here’s to hoping it’s resolved by the next time I update you all!

Our dog, Gwen, tore a ligament in her leg, and if it doesn’t heal with rest and meds, she’s going to need $1500 worth of Xrays and surgery. Sooooo, fingers crossed that rest and meds are enough. For real.

The Good – because there is always good

family at pumpkin patch 1

October is birthday month for both Andrew and I. We’re going to spend my birthday in St. Louis, doing our very first indoor activities since before March. We’re going to go to the new Aquarium and to a Touch-a-Truck even at the Magic House. I’m excited to see Camden’s excitement for all the animals and the heavy machinery. Right up his alley!

We’ve also found a new doctor that we like and who has reasonable costs for the IUI process. So later this month we are scheduled to do an IUI cycle and we are going into it extremely hopeful.

toddler with wagon and pumpkins life updates fourth quarter 1

We’re living our best fall lives and checking things off our fall bucket list. Cam and I have been to 4 pumpkin patches; Andrew’s been to two of them with us. We’ve decorated with Halloween lights, and Camden is ecstatic about all the lights! Cam just picked out his Halloween costume; I cannot WAIT to show you all. It’s going to be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

Right now, we ‘re taking life a few days at a time, and things are pretty slow over here. There’s a corn maze and a zoo in our future, because I honestly do best when I’m filling our time with things Cam loves to do. The excitement, joy and wonder he gets are worth every second.

life updates son on wooden train 1

And there you have it – our life updates as we enter the fourth quarter of 2020. I hope you are all doing fantastically, and I’ll be back soon with some fall recipe posts and some fun fall activities/sensory play for preschoolers! Keep an eye out!

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