100 Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

Christmas stockings are a big deal in our house. I love filling my husband’s stocking and my son’s stocking with fun, little gifts. The thing is, I don’t like to do candy, because we get so much candy from parades and Halloween all summer and fall. And I also hate just heading to the dollar store and filling stockings with cheap, useless junk. So, if you’re like me, it can be a struggle to come up with ideas to fill stockings. If you need adult stocking ideas, I’ve got those. And if you need toddler ideas, here are 100 Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers! (Save this to fill your Easter baskets, too!)

100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

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Bath Toys/Toiletries

Collage of toddler bath stocking stuffer ideas 1

Paw Patrol Bath Squirties

Nuby Squirt Wheels Bath Trucks* – We were gifted these bath squirties from Nuby, and Camden is obsessed! We actually only gave him one of the four – so we can use the others as a stocking stuffer – and it is literally the first bath toy he grabs every night. There are 4 trucks in the package, and they are each a different color and style. Cam enjoys playing with tehm without water in them or with water to squirt them at the wall (and on occasion, at Mama too). 

Paw Patrol Bath Puppets

Nuby Vibrating/Musical Animal Toothbrush* – Camden hasn’t liked having his teeth brushed for a long time. I talked a while ago about my tips for helping toddlers learn to love brushing their teeth, and this Nuby toothbrush is my latest tip. It vibrates to help get teeth clean, and it also plays music to motivate toddlers to enjoy brushing their teeth. Brushing his teeth is still a reluctant effort in this house, but guys, this toothbrush is a game changer in screaming vs. non-screaming toddler. 


Collage of toddler bath stocking stuffer ideas 2

Magic Washcloth

Color Changing Bath Tablets

Munchkin Bath Bobbers

Foam Bath Letters

Bath Crayons

Collage of bath toddler stocking stuffer ideas 3

Boon Bath Pipes

Bubble Podz

Bubble Bath

Water Flute

Whale Spout Cover

*We were gifted the toothbrush and quirt trucks by Nuby for purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!



Collage of toddler eating stocking stuffer ideas 3

Fun Utensils

Colored Reusable Straws

Fire Truck Plate and Utensils

Cooking/Baking Utensils for Kids

Snack Cup

Cookie Cutters

nuby water bottle stocking stuffer idea toddler

Nuby Water Bottle – We were gifted this water bottle by Nuby to share with you all, and it has quickly become our favorite water bottle! It’s leak proof and Camden loves being able to push the button to make the drinking spout pop up! We have the giraffe version, but I love the shark one too. How cute would this be in a stocking??


Small Toys

Friction Powered Tractors/Cars

Hot Wheels Cars

Small Coloring Book

Egg-Shaped Crayons (My First Crayons)

Mess-Free Pocket Sized Coloring Book + Markers

Magnetic Alphabet Letters

Wooden Forest Animal Stacking Toy

Wooden Forest Stacker Toy

Storytime Finger Puppets

Memory Game

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Remote

Small Beatbo


John Deere Tractors

Name Puzzle

Kinetic Sand

oball toys stocking stuffer toddlers

OBall toys

Wooden Lacing Toy

Spell Your Name Railroad

Lil Llama Teether


Princess Mirror









Bow Ties


Slipper Socks

Mickey Mouse Watch


Nail Polish


Leg Warmers

Big Boy/Girl Underwear




A’Mond Cheddar Cheese Puffy Snacks

Teensy Fruits

Annie’s Bunny Grahams/Cheddar Crackers/Fruit Snacks Mix

barnana toddler stocking idea

Barnana Chewy Banana Bites

Sprouts Organic Crispy Chews

Mini Cereal Boxes

Happy Baby Yogis

Happy Baby Creamies



Finger Puppet Board Books

Reusable Activity Book

Stamp Kit

Magnifying Glass


Colored Play Scarves


Post-it Notes

Paint Brushes

Water Beads

Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Books

Safety Scissors


toddler garden tools

Garden Tools

Reversible Chalkboard Mat


Sidewalk Chalk

Personalized Book

My First Brain Quest Cards


Do you put candy in your children’s stockings? Or do you try to keep it to non-candy items? We get enough candy throughout the year, so I’d prefer fun items like these! Which of these stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers is your favorite?

If you need other gift ideas, make sure you check out my ‘Gift Guides‘ page to find gift ideas for your entire family! 


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