Gift Ideas for One Year Old Baby

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If you’re looking for more gift ideas for a one year old, make sure you check out the gift ideas I had when Camden was a baby!

Let’s face it: when you have a second baby, it can be very hard to come up with gift ideas for them. After all, they have all of the first sibling’s baby toys, plus baby is most likely interested in a lot of older sib’s current toys as well. Here’s a few ideas I’ve come up with for Lawson this time around. Hopefully you find something fun for your littles here, too!

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Large Gift Ideas for a One Year Old Baby

Balance Bike // Helmet

Baby Boy on balance bike

This is our gift to Lawson. Camden didn’t have a tiny balance bike when he was this age, so it’s something completely new to Lawson. Cocovillage is my favorite place for super little balance bikes – plus you can use code LISA10 for 10% off! Keep an eye out – if you see a good sale, you can usually stack my code on top of that and get an amazing price!

I’m a huuuuuge fan of balance bikes. Cam started using one at 2 years old, and for Christmas he got his first pedal bike. After just a few times on it, he’s able to ride it independently because the balance bike taught him how to balance, which training wheels don’t do.

A helmet is also a great gift idea for a one year old, especially if you have a bike trailer or bike seat to take them for rides!

Lovevery Block Set

lovevery block set gift idea

I’m actually going to get this for Lawson for Christmas, but it’s a great grow-with-me gift idea. Toddlers are naturally curious builders, and this block set has so many different pieces for them to explore. You’ll find them using the bigger, simpler blocks when they’re little, and as they grow, they’ll graduate to the more advanced options.

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Garden Cart and Wheelbarrow

garden cart gift ideas

This garden cart is sooooo cute – I want it for Lawson so badly! It goes from just being a wheelbarrow to push around to being a little pretend garden center. Truthfully, I think both boys will get a kick out of playing with it!

Baby/Toddler Busy Board

toddler busy board gift ideas

I love the wooden toddler busy boards, because there is so much there to help develop a one year old’s motor skills. My favorite part about these is that everything is completely attached, which makes it a great car toy for them, especially when you’re traveling.

Small Gift Ideas for a One Year Old Baby

Pop! Pop! Piano

pop piano gift idea for one year old

I remember seeing a mom on Instagram get this for her baby, but Camden was already a bit too old for it. I’ve been holding onto this idea for years, so that I could put it on Lawson’s gift list! It’s such a neat toy – engaging, with fun popping balls. But also – it’s completely contained so you’re not chasing balls all over the house.

Innybin from Fat Brain Toys

innybin montessori toy gifts

If your one year old is anything like my little guy, they love to put things in bins and then pull them out. Or, rather, my son’s favorite thing is to pull everything out and then maybe put it back in. This Innybin is perfect for development of motor skills through playing!

Fun Flip Thomas

fun flip thomas gift ideas for one year old baby

This is another toy idea I’ve held onto since Camden was little. When he was 2 1/2, we took him to the Magic House in St. Louis, and their special exhibit was Thomas the Tank Engine. They had a little baby area, and this Fun Flip Thomas was one of the toys in there. It’s so neat how it rolls over itself, but Cam had already outgrown that. Lawson, though, is the PERFECT age for this fun train toy.

Montessori Car Ramp

motessori toy ramp baby gift idea

We have one of these from one of our Lovevery subscription boxes and it gets so. much. playtime. Lawson loves to watch cars go zipping down the track, and it’s a great toy to encourage siblings to play together as well.

Any of these toys are sure to be a huge hit with your one year old (or your 18 month old!). If you want to see how Lawson plays with his toys and ways we use them to encourage learning, make sure you follow me over on Instagram.

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