Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds

woom balance bike

Check out this comprehensive list of gift ideas for 2 year olds and toddlers who loves outdoors, tractors, bikes, bath time, and more!

30 gift ideas for 2 year olds

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To tell the truth, I’m all done Christmas shopping (and birthday shopping, because his birthday is a month after Christmas!) for my toddler. I’ve been done for a few weeks now. And honestly – I started collecting gifts in February. I just prefer to find good deals when I can, and it spreads the cost over the year, instead of being all up front at the same time.

In fact, my husband and I are figuring out how much we spend on gifts, Christmas celebrations, and food, as well as birthday party stuff and gifts. We’re going to put aside a portion in a holiday savings account, so that way, when I find good deals throughout the year, I can take the money straight from there and it’s already budgeted!

Anyway, on to the post: Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys! I was originally going to title this as gift ideas for boys, but most 2 year old girls will love these too! These are all either things that Camden already has and loves, or things we’re gifting him for Christmas, or things we’re not (because the kid can’t have everything) but that I know he would enjoy.

And if you’re looking for more ideas, check out my STEM Gifts for Toddlers gift guide for more awesome, affordable gifts! 

Our Favorite Gift Idea for 2 Year Olds

woom balance bike

Woom Balance Bike

Mamas – these balance bikes are amazing! Camden is loving all of his ride-on and push toys, and he’s starting to be pretty into his tricycle too. So the next logical step is to get him a balance bike to help him get another step closer to riding an actual bike.

One of my favorite features about this balance bike is that it has the gliding board for their feet on the center bar under the seat. So after Camden gets the bike going with his feet, he can put them there and learn to glide. I know that other moms have said that’s something they wish their kids’ balance bikes had, because once the kids got going, they didn’t know what to do with their feet! 

Camden is in love with his gorgeous green Woom balance bike (and it comes in 4 other colors!), and my heart is so full watching daddy start teaching him to ride a bike. If you’re looking for a high quality gift that your kid can use for a long time, grab yourself one of these beauties! 

Note: Woom provided me with a balance bike for the purpose of review. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds Who Love Tractors

Tractor Toys:

tractor toy gifts for 2 year olds

I actually found a John Deere Ground Loader Ride On in a used-but-near-perfect condition on the Facebook marketplace, so I didn’t pay full price. But I am so, so excited to give this to Camden. He loves ride on toys, and he loves tractors, so this is going to be his favorite present ever! There’s also a more affordable pedal tractor (without the front loader) if you can’t find a good deal on the pricier one.

This John Deere Remote Controlled Tractor will be Camden’s first remote-controlled toy, and I think it’s perfect. It’s got such a cute little face, too! The Build-a-Tractor Toy toy lets toddler use the included tool to take apart and rebuild the tractor over and over! I love the Tractor Carry Case and Play Set, which includes 4 tractors, a fence and farm animals that all fit in a tractor-shaped carrying case for easy travel! I love the portability of it! And I can’t get enough of this Tractor Hayride with Animal Sounds Toy and these Friction Powered Tractor Set (you just push them to start them, and they roll across the floor. Plus they’re the perfect size to put in a stocking! If we didn’t already have a play tool bench for Camden, I’d for sure be getting this adorable John Deere Tool Bench and Tractor Repair Station!

Tractor Clothes:

I’m loving these tractor rainboots. And this John Deere tractor zip up hoodie is perfect for cold weather. Then there’s this adorable tractor t-shirt and this raglan with a huge tractor across the front! Check out these tractor pjs and tractor slippers – I’m dying from the adorableness. Camden is getting this hat and mitten set for his winter wardrobe, and this one has a realistic tractor photo on it! Every little boy needs their own suitcase for trips, and what is cuter than one with a tractor on it? The answer is nothing. Nothing is cuter than this little toddler-sized suitcase.

Tractor Books:

tractor book gifts for 2 year olds

Tractor Mac is a whole series that I’m excited to introduce Camden to. Camden loves the Usbourne Lift-and-Look Tractors book and That’s Not My Tractor (he’s honestly obsessed with these!). The Otis series is about an adorable little tractor (and there’s even a Christmas Otis book!). Duck on a Tractor is funny and fun, and I like the Touch and Feel Tractor book. Two other favorites are Chug, Chug, Tractor and Goodnight, Tractor. And that’s not even half of the cute, toddler-aged tractor books out there!

child playing with bath trucks

Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds Who Love Bath Time

Nuby Bath Toys:

Nuby Bath Toys are our absolute favorite bath toys! The toys are all simple, bright, colorful and the price is perfect. We have so many different Nuby toys, but we do have a few particular favorites. These Squirt Wheels trucks come with 4 primary-colored bath trucks, and my son cannot get enough of them! They’re perfect for zooming around the tub and squirting water too. Plus they make a fantastic stocking stuffer!

Note: Nuby gifted the Squirt Wheels to us. But all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own – I honestly love these little toys! 

These Animal bath links are super fun too, and this Nuby Octopus Floating toy has amazing reviews – I’ve been wanting to get it for Camden but just haven’t yet! 

Other Bath Toys:

Green Toys has a neat Ferry Boat with Miniature Cars that looks like so much fun, and this Waterfall Spin Toy is adorable and looks like a blast! Also, as Camden gets older and is now ready for a little more complicated bath toy, I’m loving these Bathtub Ball Tracks; how much fun are those??


These are some of our favorite gift ideas for 2 year olds! If you want more ideas (for the whole family!), check out my ‘Gift Guides‘ page to find all my gift guides in one place! 



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