Where to Get the BEST Artificial Christmas Trees

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Artificial trees require a lot less care than real trees, but it can be hard to find beautiful, high quality artificial trees that look ‘real’ enough. Luckily, I’ve discovered King of Christmas, a company that sells the BEST artificial Christmas trees I’ve ever seen! 

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Disclaimer: King of Christmas provided me with a Christmas tree for the purpose of review and promotion. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


We are artificial tree people, through and through. Growing up, my family had an artificial tree from the time I was 7 or 8, because my sister was allergic to the real pine trees. And I remember thinking, “Christmas would be better with a real tree. When I grow up, I will always have a real one.”

Guess how many times I’ve had a real Christmas tree as an adult. 6? 3? 1? Nope. Zero. Not one single year has featured a living tree in my house. In almost 10 years of ‘adult’ living, I have never once even had the desire to go get a real tree.

Why Artificial Over Real?

What holds me back from that ‘magic,’ you ask? Well, because when you think about it as an adult, it’s not really so magic.  A real, live tree requires so much care. You have to water it – and while I can keep a toddler alive, I can’t keep a plant living to save my life, so it’s not going to be any different with a tree. And the pine needles falling off every day – y’all, I vacuum messes from my toddler and animal hair up every day. I don’t need another mess to clean up. And pine sap makes me shudder. That sticky crud all over my hands, my toddler’s hand, my floor… no thanks. The extra care that a live tree requires is just not my cup of tea.

But, more than anything, it’s the longevity of an artificial tree vs. a real tree. I’m a firm believer in the ‘Merry Thanksmas’ model (decorating before Thanksgiving). In fact, I’m even more thankful when I have pretty Christmas decorations to enjoy. And I like to leave my tree up through the first week or two of January, to give a little light to some of the dreariest parts of winter in Illinois.

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The BEST Place to Get an Artificial Christmas Tree

In the ten years I’ve been putting up my own tree, I’ve gone through my fair share of trees. I’ve had a skimpy, cheap, big-box store version when I was just starting out as a poor teacher. A few years ago, we bought a nice, large remote-controlled tree from a home improvement store.

And then this year, I was offered the chance to work with King of Christmas. They gifted me their 7 foot, pre-lit Tribeca Spruce tree to set up and decorate in our house. Guys, this tree is gorgeous. It’s full, fluffy, and beautiful. King of Christmas says that their goal is to provide elegant, high quality artificial trees at reasonable prices, and oh boy, do they deliver!

Our artificial Christmas tree was easy to put up (and they even include gloves if your skin is easily irritated by the tree branches). If 7′ is too tall for your house, they’ve got a 6′ version. And if 7′ isn’t tall enough, they’ve got 8′ and 9′ foot trees too! The trees come in different colors and styles – green, flocked, pink flocked, etc – and there are unlit, white pre-lit and multi-color pre-lit options to choose from. Make sure you grab my discount code BISCUTSANDGRADING to save 10% on any tree you decide to get.

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Three of My Favorite King of Christmas Artificial Trees

Obviously the pre-lit Tribeca Spruce is my favorite – the white lights are bright and beautiful. Plus the lights have different lighting options: full, 70% brightness, 30% brightness and slow fade.


King of Christmas also has beautiful flocked trees. This 6.5′ Queen Flock Pre-Lit Tree is my current favorite! I’ve got lots of rose gold decorations this year, and they would look beautiful with the white flocking on this tree. It also comes in 7.5, 9 and 10′ heights as well.


This 6.5′ Pink Flocked Tree was the other one I really wanted. For some reason, my husband wasn’t really into it. Boys. I can still dream about it though. I’d love to have the tree decked out in silver and gold decor in my living room.

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King of Christmas is More Than Just the Best Artificial Trees

Don’t forget your wreaths, garlands and ornaments! KoC has them all – and they’re glorious! I think I’ll be grabbing wreaths and a garland as my big Christmas purchases to match my tree. And I love their glass ornament sets. Someday when I don’t have to worry about a toddler, I’d love to invest in a set – the pink and purple ones are probably my favorite right now!

Use my code ‘BISCUITSANDGRADING’ to save 10% on all of these purchases as well!


King of Christmas may have gifted me a tree this year, but their quality has made me a customer for life. I’ll be getting all of my holiday decor from them now. I know you’ll love them as much as I do, too!

Make sure you come back here and show me pictures when you get your tree or wreaths. I can’t wait to see them! They truly are the BEST artificial trees I’ve ever seen!

And make sure you head over to check out all of my gift guides – you’ll need some gifts to go under your new, beautiful tree this year!



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  1. Ashley

    They have the prettiest trees and I love how they also have wreaths, garlands and ornaments.

    1. Lisa

      I want all of their wreaths too!

  2. lesa

    They have amazing trees! So gorgeous

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