What I’m Loving Lately

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Can you believe April is already halfway over? It’s been a busy April so far – we bought a house, painted the entire thing! (okay, we still have two bathrooms to go), and we’re putting in flooring through the entire thing as well. Turns out, that takes a lot of time (duh!), which is, you know, available in multitudes. Or not.

But, I’ve still found time for a little fun and relaxation. Here’s what I’ve been loving lately:

Eating Lately:

These white chocolate clusters – I can’t keep them in the house anymore, or I’ll have to buy new clothes!

This strawberry kiwi jam
– Every morning, I mix greek yogurt with walnuts and a few chocolate chips, then stir a spoonful of this jam on it. It’s uh-mazing! And I use it on this strawberry cheesecake french toast – so decadent!








Watching Lately:

The Good Place (with Kristen Bell) – I just started watching this show at the recommendation of a friend. I’m only 3 episodes in, but I think I like it! Have you watched TImage resulthe Good Place? What do you think – is it worth my time to keep watching? If you haven’t watched it, here’s the premise: Kristen Bell dies and goes to the Good Place, but there was a mistake and she was really supposed to go to the Bad Place. So the show is about her trying to keep it a secret that she doesn’t belong and messing up her Good Place community in the process. It’s pretty funny so far!






Reading Lately:

I just finished The Red Queen. It’s the first book in a YA series in which those born with silver blood are valued aristocrats with special abilities, and those born with red blood are peasants with no abilities. The main character, Mare, finds out she has a special ability even though she has red blood, and the king fins out as well. So he forces her to abandon her family and pretend to be silver royalty. But, as always, the truth will be discovered.
I was drawn into the book quickly, and I’m excited to find time to pick up the second book in the series. It’s well written and well thought out, fast-paced and interesting. I highly recommend checking it out!






Playing Lately:

My husband and I are huge board game players. We play games together at least once a week, and we get together with friends once or twice a month to play too. One of my favorites right now is called Ticket to Ride. There’s a bunch of different versions – even one for thTicket To Ridee littles! Basically, each person draws cards for train routes, and then the goal is to use strategy to get all your routes built. It requires some thinking, but in an easy, fun way, and it’s fun whether there are 2 people or 4. Plus, there’s now Alvin and Dexter: Ticket to Ride Monsters. They stall your trains, interrupt your routes, and cause chaos. It adds another level to the game without having to buy a huge expansion pack, and it makes it that much more fun!







Now it’s your turn – have you eaten/read/watched/played any of these? Give me your recommendations – what should I be eating/reading/watching/playing? Tell me in the comments!

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