Valentine Gifts for Him From the Heart (NO Store-bought Gifts Here!)



It can be so hard to come up with original gifts for the special guy in your life. Check out these Valentine Gifts for Him! You won’t find boring store bought gifts; instead find a wealth of original, from-the-heart ideas, including handmade ideas and experiences!

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic, but all the chocolate and flowers just seems so cliche to me. And is your guy just supposed to get something for you? Or do you buy something as well? Because I know my husband has zero interest in flowers, so do I buy him power tools??

What if you made a gift for your boyfriend/husband/significant other or came up with an experience gift for him? Those things are actually from the heart and to me, at least, really show the love you feel for that special person in your life.

Need some great ideas for handmade gifts and experience gifts?

I’ve got you covered, girl! 

Here are some great Valentine Gifts for Him!


Make Your Own subscription box gift set

Make-Your-Own Subscription Boxes


Subscription boxes (like Munch Club, Loot Crate, etc) are really neat, but they’re often sooo expensive! For Christmas, I made my husband a 6 month subscription box to the ‘Around the World Food Tour.’ I made the introduction letter, and all the paperwork, and I put the box together in a cute box with tissue paper. I did Germany for the first month, and I included 3 different German beers, spaetzle noodles, German chocolate wafers, candy, socks with beer steins on them, a list of popular/funny German phrases, and interesting facts about Germany.

And guess what? Even though I thought his favorite gift would be the retro Super Nintendo, he can’t stop talking about this one! And he keeps bringing up that his next one will be ‘mailed’ soon. Click the image above for more details about how to make your own!



Make/Order a T-Shirt with Your Own Design

There are websites where you can upload your own design (like a photo of you both or a quote or wedding vows, etc) and have a t-shirt screenprinted.

Or you could use your Cricut or Silhouette (or borrow a friend’s!) to create a design from iron-on vinyl.

As long as the t-shirt looks classy, what guy wouldn’t want it? And if you search Etsy, there’s a tons of awesome SVG files (like Star Wars, GoT, etc) that you can use to make a shirt!




Homemade Treats or Dinner

I know a lot of couples go out to eat for Valentine’s Day, but why not change it up? Valentine’s Day is – more often than not – in the middle of the week, and going out is hectic.

Tell your husband or boyfriend that you have dinner covered for Valentine’s Day, and then make him something as fancy as you feel like. How about this steak and mushroom risotto? Or chicken bruschetta lasagna? And for dessert, check out these No-Bake Pink Oreo Mini Cheesecakes – it doesn’t get easier or more festive!


brewery date

Craft Beer Brewery Tour

If your significant other is into craft beers, check out local breweries to see if they do tours and tastings! We have  couple local breweries around us that do tours with tastings and they’re only about $10/person. And after the tour, you and your significant other can hang around and try some more local brews together. It’s romantic, but different from plain ol’ dinner and a movie!

Click here to find your local craft breweries!



Date Night In Box

This is one subscription box I will advocate for! The cost is reasonable (plus, if you use the code BEMINE, you can save an extra 20%), and the idea behind this one is awesome! Life is busy, and if you have kids or lots of obligations, it can be really hard to get out for a date night. Date Night In is a box that is filled with an entire date night and all the supplies (minus food). You get a menu of recipes you can cook together (or one of you can cook ahead if you’d rather!), a playlist to have going in the background, questions/conversation starters for dinner, and then a fun, interactive date activity so you can learn more about each other! 

This month, the theme was’ Foundations of Love.’ We built towers and structures together with toothpicks, jellybeans, etc. We got to get a little competitive, work together, and you could even upload a picture of your tallest structure to be entered to win a $500 gift card! It was fun, and it was really nice because I didn’t have to put any thought into planning it. The box came, we picked a night after Camden was in bed, and we had a date! 



What other Valentine gifts for him are out there? Do you have any other great ideas? Share them with me!

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  1. Stephanie

    “Valentine’s Day is hectic” is an understatement for my family this year! We have a party for each kid’s school, my husband has a networking meeting, and we have a Cub Scout pack meeting that night. I do love the idea of the ‘food around the world’ box, that sounds like such fun!

  2. nmgilb

    I love these ideas! I have to admit that my husband and I have gotten pretty lax on valentines day gifts. We usually go out to dinner and do some sort of activity instead. I love the idea of making a subscription box!! SO cute!!

  3. Kate Loves Travel

    Great ideas – I tend to buy hubby an experience nowadays as I think that’s more interesting (and I can never think of anything to buy him anyway!)…

  4. Flossie

    I love the idea of a DIY Subscription Box! My husband is such a foodie, I am sure that would appeal to him!

  5. jessmaca

    These ideas are great! Although, we don’t celebrate valentine’s day they would make really good ‘just for fun’ dates!

  6. Crystal (Busy Mom Diary)

    I simply love these ideas. Making your own subscription box- genius.

  7. reesa

    I love subscription boxes for gifts! Never thought to send one to my husband!

  8. Cindy

    Great ideas to make Valentine’s Day special! I think I’m going to try my hand at the subscription box.

  9. nefeli

    I love your ideas. I have to decide for the gift. I have not many days. Thanks

  10. Elaine @ Changing Laines

    I LOVE the idea of creating your own subscription box! Last night I caved and gave my husband his Valentine’s Day gift early (a pretty sizeable basket of assorted chocolates), but I can surprise him now with his own around the world food and snacks box.

  11. marjiemare

    My husband and I don’t share gifts for Valentine’s Day. We surely enjoy a good meal an I already have my dinner menu idea for that lovely day.

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