Using Bookroo to Teach Your Toddler to Love Reading

Using Bookroo Box

Bookroo is our family’s new favorite book subscription box! Check out how to use Bookroo to teach your toddler to love reading (there’s books for every other age, too!).

Using Bookroo Subscription BOx to help toddler love reading


Reading is something that some kids just love naturally. If they’re read to from a young age and it’s made to be a fun, enjoyable part of their daily life, they’re most likely going to like reading.

And loving to read is important, because children who like to read are more likely to reap the benefits that come with reading. More books and more minutes of reading = more benefits for your toddler.

Which means, as parents, it’s important for us to encourage reading, make it exciting, and make it an important part of our toddler’s day.

To be honest, we don’t have an issue with him loving reading. We read at least 10 books a day, probably closer to 15. It’s one of his favorite activities, and the only way we wind down for nap time and bedtime. He reads in the car while we drive, too.

But I want to make sure I keep the excitement around reading up. One way that I do that is by giving him a new book at every celebrated holiday – Christmas, Easter, birthday, Halloween, etc. Another way I keep it exciting is with crafts or activities to accompany the books; check out my Toddler Books + Crafts series for ideas!

Recently, I found a new way to help my toddler love reading. Bookroo is a children’s book subscription box that will teach any toddler to love reading. You can choose from the board book club, picture book club or chapter book club, depending on your child’s age, reading level and interests!

We chose the board book club, and when our blue Bookroo box arrived in the mail, I was as excited as Camden was! Once he knew there were books in the box, he couldn’t contain his excitement. That’s why the picture you see are blurry – he couldn’t sit still for a photo!


3 Ways Bookroo Helps Your Toddler Love Reading

bookroo book subscription box for toddlers

The books are individually wrapped

I think the fact that Bookroo wraps each book is such a fun, unique concept. It makes each book feel like a gift for your toddler, and what toddler doesn’t want to unwrap a new present? Plus, the books are wrapped in fun prints, and they’re all wrapped differently! We had one wrapped in polka dots, a striped one, and a comic-book themed one.

The board book box has 3 books, so we open 1 each week for 3 weeks, and then we just reread all of them the last week. But that means, most weeks of the year, there is a new book to open! 


Bookroo sends your toddler books that you most likely don’t have

Bookroo has created the largest children’s book platform, so they have an enormous wealth of information to pull for books. That means the books you’re getting are the top rated hidden gems that you probably haven’t heard of before – but that your toddler will love. The first book we got was about hidden animals. and while I hadn’t seen it in bookstores before, Camden LOVED it right away! It challenged him to use only the top of the animal’s head to guess what it was – so fun!

And – if you did get a book that you already had – Bookroo will give you a credit for that book so your money isn’t wasted. Their customer service is another reason to love them!

toddler grinning at bookroo box of books

The books are high-quality and engaging

I started talking about that above, and I just can’t say enough about it! You’re not going to get any boring duds here – they’re all fabulous. I trust that the books Bookroo sends me are engaging and thought-provoking for Camden. So your toddler will love the first books so much that she’ll be crazy excited when the next box comes along with more books, because she knows how fun they are!


Start Your Subscription and SAVE $$

Head to Bookroo and use code BISCUITS to save 15% on personal and gift subscriptions! These fantastically curated book boxes from Bookroo are guarantee to help your toddler love reading! Wouldn’t this be an awesome tradition for your family? Maybe daddy and the kids get to open the new book every Saturday morning. Or maybe you all open and read the new book while sharing a treat! 

Want to see an unboxing of the books? Head over to my Instagram! Today is book-opening day, so we’ll be opening a new one in my stories!

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