The Changing Pad Cover You Didn’t Know You Needed

There are so many decisions to make when your little one is coming. Let me make one decision easy for you: this Posh Peanut changing pad cover is the softest, best cover you’ll find. Do yourself a favor and get 2 or 3 of them! They come in multiple colors, too. 

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Posh Peanut provided me with their changing pad cover. The thoughts and opinions expressed, however, are 100% my own.

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If you’re like us, you go through changing pad covers on the reg. Especially when Camden was really little, we’d have to change the cover on our changing pad a lot after a blow out or after he leaked or whatever. And now that he’s a little older, he’s playing outside all the time, and when we change him, it’s not unusual for dirt or sand or mud or whatever else to fall off of him. 

So I keep 4 or 5 changing pad covers in our drawers at all times. And we’ve found some cute ones in the time that we’ve been collecting them. But my favorite is by far is the Posh Peanut aqua floral changing pad cover.

changing pad cover in bag posh peanut bag


Posh Peanut Aqua Floral Changing Pad Cover

The cover comes in a little bag, so after you’ve washed it, you can store it in there until you use it. Or you can use the little bag for anything else; it would work well in a diaper bag too.

When I pulled the changing pad cover out of the bag, I was honestly really surprised at how soft it is. It is crazy-soft to the touch and super stretchy. It fit over our standard sized changing pad, but it stretched enough that if you had an oversize one, it would fit on that too. 

It’s a gorgeous aqua color with dark pink flowers all over it. It’s not necessarily a ‘boy’ pattern, but I don’t think that matters at all on a changing table. And when I laid Camden on it for the first time, he kept feeling it with his fingers and trying to flip over to point at all the flowers, because he loves the print. 


posh peanut changing pad cover changing table


The Posh Peanut Company

I’ve previously gotten a mermaid blanket set (one for kids and one for their doll) from Posh Peanut. I loved how soft the minky material was, and the quality was great.

So I had the same expectations for this changing pad cover, and it did not disappoint. The quality is superb (and there’s a matching swaddle, romper, and maternity robe you can get to go with it if you’ve got a little, little one!) and the color is gorgeous.

Posh Peanut is quickly becoming one of my go-to online baby boutiques, because the price is great and I trust the products. Plus, you can buy most of their items on Amazon (with Prime shipping) as well as on their boutique website.

If you’re looking for great products for your baby or for a mama that you know (or mama to-be!), Posh Peanut is definitely worth being your first stop! 

top view posh peanut changing pad cover



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