The BEST Place to Buy AFFORDABLE Kids’ Clothes – Kids on 45th

son in jacket from kids on 45th

Kids on 45th is the best way to approach consignment shopping for your kids’ clothes. They’ve got great prices, great clothes, and amazing customer service! We’re obsessed – and I know you will be too! Plus, you can save $10 on your first box with the code ‘BISCUITS.’ 

The BEST Place to Buy AFFORDABLE Kids' Clothes


I was gifted a box of clothing from Kids on 45th to review, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and completely my own. You can always expect complete honesty from me when it comes to recommending products and services to you!


It seems like every time I turn around, my toddler needs another article of clothing. More pants, shoes, hat, gloves, coat, etc, etc, etc. And, as much as I love me some Target and Carter’s, that stuff can be expensive, especially when Camden is growing like a weed.

Don’t get me wrong – I love those brands, and I want to outfit my kid in them and in other name brand, high-quality clothes. I just don’t want to pay the retail prices.

So I went searching for a way to buy my son high quality, name brand clothing at affordable retail prices. How do you do that? Consignment Stores.


son in jacket from kids on 45th


Kids on 45th – the BEST consignment store I’ve found

My problem with consignment stores is having to go to them. I have to find a good one, root through clothes, find a gem or two, rinse and repeat over and over until I die. I want the consignment store prices without having to go diamond mining.

Enter Kids on 45th

Kids on 45th is an online consignment store where they do the shopping for you. You read that right! You spend just 2 minutes filling out a box request form and tell them what items (shirts, pants, onesies, jackets, etc) you need, as well as sizes and style preferences/dislikes. Then they do the shopping for you and send you a box of clothes tailored to your wants and needs.

And just like that, your kid’s (or kids’) wardrobe is restocked!








4 Reasons I LOVE Kids on 45th

Ease – I was actually so surprised at how easy it was to set up my account and get my first box. And I loved being able to say if there was something I really didn’t want. I don’t like to put sweatpants on my toddler (because I know he’s going to go through a phase someday where that’s all he wears) so I was able to request no sweatpants from the ‘pants’ category.

Quality – Everything in our box was either new-with-tags (NWT) or in like-new condition. Nothing showed any signs of wear. We got 2 brand new rain jackets, a brand new shirt and a brand new sweatshirt. Some of the brands in our box were Skechers, Osh-Kosh, Joe Fresh, Disney and Jumping Beans (from Kohl’s).

Surprise – I’m sort of a subscription box addict, because I love getting surprises in the mail. So it was really fun to have the box of clothes show up and see all the great clothes stuffed into it! It was like Christmas time, haha. And so much less stressful than consignment shopping on my own. Plus, since I got to indicate his style and my dislikes, we were really happy with almost every item!

Affordability and Great Sales – The prices are amazing! In general, shirts are $3-5, pants are $4-6, and jackets are around $7-8. But – that’s not all! Kids on 45th has sales all. the. time. I’ve seen shirts for $1.99, pants for a few dollars, clearance sales, B2G1 sweaters and sweatshirts, and more! Plus, you can save $10 (which is like getting 2 short sleeve shirts and a pair of pants, at least) on your first box just by clicking here and using the code ‘BISCUITS.’ That is a seriously amazing deal on your first box – makes it worth giving it a try for sure!



‘Make It Right’ Policyson in shirt from kids on 45th 21 month favorites clothes

Since the entire box is a surprise, Kids on 45th hopes you’ll love everything, but there might be something you’re not crazy about. We got 2 rain jackets in our box, and while we loved the space-themed one, the monster one was just something my husband and I both really didn’t like. But luckily, Kids on 45th totally understands that they might miss the mark on one of your items. So they have a ‘make it right’ policy, and if there is something that you just can’t see putting your child in, even for playtime, you can just click that item in your account, and they’ll provide you a credit for your next box! That makes me feel comfortable ordering from them, because out of the 10 items they sent us, there was only one we didn’t love and it was so easy to make it right! 

If you want to see everything we got in our box, head over to my Instagram and click on the ‘Collabs’ highlight in my profile. I did an unboxing video there and showed each item! 








You Gotta Try Kids on 45th! 

I was gifted my first Kids on 45th, but they absolutely have made a loyal customer out of me! I honestly can’t wait for it to be warmer weather season so I can order Camden another box of clothes to stock his spring/summer closet. The clothes are in great condition and from many of my favorite brands. Kids on 45th even made it onto our 21 month favorites list! 

And how much fun would this be for a Christmas present for a new mom? A box of like-new or brand-new clothing for their baby – and you get so much for such a great price! 

Kids on 45th also has an option to sign up for their 4 box per year subscription option. You save an extra 30% on your first box and 5% after that, and you can skip any box you want with no penalty. 

If you want to try Kids on 45th, click here and use the code ‘BISCUITS‘ to save an extra $10 on your first box. That’s like getting 2 shirts and a pair of pants completely free! 

And after you try it, come back here and tell me what you loved about it! I’m literally obsessed and I want to see what everyone else gets in their boxes, too! 

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