Super Simple Ocean Animal Rescue Activity

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Super Simple Ocean Animal Rescue Sensory Activity

I just passed the 34 weeks pregnant mark and we’ve had multiple 90+ degree days. I. am. tired. I’m not making any big fancy activities or sensory bins right now; I’m relying on simple, easy activities and fun workbook pages. This Ocean Animal Rescue Ice Cube Activity is so simple and easy, but so entertaining for the kids!

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Supplies You’ll Need

This activity takes just a couple of items:

Amazon is definitely the easiest place to get small plastic animals, but you can also check your local dollar store. I got my ice cube tray from Target, but the price is a lot cheaper on Amazon.

Making the Ocean Rescue Ice Activity

Ice cube tray with frozen animals sensory activity

Add an ocean animal to each ice cube section. If you get an ice cube tray with big sections, you might even be able to add 2 animals to each cube section.

Fill 3/4 of the way with water. Freeze for 24 hours or until completely frozen. I don’t know exactly how long they take to freeze; I just make this ocean rescue activity the day before I plan on using it.

Using the Ocean Rescue Sensory Activity

Toddler playing sensory ocean animal rescue activity

Remove the ice cube tray from the freezer and pop the ice cubes out of the tray. Take them outside or put them in a bin. Give your child the hammer or other tools and let him or her go to town attempting to break the ice and rescue the ocean animals.

After all the animals are rescued, let your child play with the ocean animals.

Ways to Extend the Activity

toddler sensory outdoor summer activity
  • Have your child help you remake the activity for next time. Let her pick out the animals to put in the ice cube tray sections and help fill it with water.
  • After ‘rescuing’ the animals, let your child play with them in the pool, in their natural habitat.
  • Have your toddler name the animals and tell you about them (color, what they eat, etc).
  • Read ocean themed books to go along with the activity. We love nonfiction books, Pout Pout Fish and The Rainbow Fish.

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