How to Make S’Mores Sequencing Activities (Camping Week)

s'mores sequencing page

While we snacked on s’mores from our s’mores snack board, we read about s’mores and worked on these s’mores sequencing activities.


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S’mores Sequencing

In the first activity page, Camden cut out the ingredients to make s’mores and then glued on the missing ingredients in each row to complete the s’mores treat. We connected this to our s’mores snack board, because we talked about the order we used to put our s’mores together. You can click here to open and print the workpage.

S'mores Sequencing

We also got silly and talked about what would happen if we put the s’mores together in the wrong order. “Oh no! You’d be all chocolately or extra sticky! Marshmallow hands!”

S’mores Sequencing Sentences

The next step was to tell the order that we put s’mores together in. This time, we cut out the pictures and the order words. You can click here to open and print the workpage.

S'mores Sequencing Sentences

I did the worksheet first, and I purposely put them in the wrong order.

Then I went to the s’mores snack board and read the directions to Camden. I had him put together my ‘s’more.’ After realizing how wrong it was, I had Camden do his page, and he was able to do it the correct way.

He is too young to write sentences, so he dictated to me and I wrote them. I had him write random letters that I knew he needed to practice, and I had him write the period at the end of every sentence.


Fun S’mores Themed Reads

Our goal today was just to have fun with s’mores. They’re one of the best parts of camping, so everything about them should be fun.

Marsh Mellow Camping book

We read Marshall Mellow, the story of a marshmallow who was perfectly content to stay on the grocery store shelf with the graham crackers and chocolate. But when he falls off the shelf, he finds himself on an unexpected adventure.

Love you S'more book

We also read I Love You S’more, a cute little book about two raccoons on a camping trip. Through the process of making s’mores, they compete to say who loves who ‘s’more.’


Alright, we’ve spent two days of Camping Week on fun s’mores activities. Come back later this week for more camping ideas, like DIY Glow Lanterns, a Forest Sensory Bin, and a roundup of picture books about camping!

Camping Week Activities

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