Sample Schedule for a One Year Old – Feeding and Sleeping

Sample Schedule for One Year Old #toddlerschedule #babyschedule #momblog #sleepschedule #babysleepschedule #breastfeeding #fedisbest


Building a routine for a toddler can be tough, but it is a necessity for your toddler’s happiness and health and your sanity. Here’s my sample schedule for a one year old to help you create your perfect sleeping and feeding schedule. 



Sample Schedule for One Year Old #toddlerschedule #babyschedule #momblog #sleepschedule #babysleepschedule #breastfeeding #fedisbest


Camden is a little over one year old, and his schedule is very settled and regular. I thought I’d share it with you, in case you’re looking for some examples. But remember, every child is different.

In fact, Camden still wakes up to eat at 5:30 in the morning and then goes back to sleep for a few hours. Many other babies either don’t wake up or they get up then and take an earlier nap.

By giving his schedule, I’m hoping you’ll have some options for your child. I have to admit, I wondered if something was wrong with my baby boy, because he didn’t have a sleeping schedule that looked like a lot of other one-year-olds.  I wanted to share this so you can see that what works for one baby may or may not work for the next. And if you’ve got a baby that doesn’t seem to fit the mold of other schedules, maybe this one will work for you!

Note: I am still breastfeeding Camden, which is most likely the reason that he wakes to eat at 5:30 and then goes back to sleep. 


Sample Schedule for One Year Old #toddlerschedule #babyschedule #momblog #sleepschedule #babysleepschedule #breastfeeding #fedisbest

Sleepy boy 🙂

Sample Schedule for a One Year Old

The great thing about one-year-olds is they’re spending a lot more time awake and playing!


5:30am – Wake Up and Milk (Optional)

6:00 – Back to Sleep

8:00 – Wake Up for the Day and Milk

8:30 – Breakfast

9:00 – Playtime

11:00 – Naptime

12:30 – Wake

1:00 – Lunch and Milk

1:30 – Playtime

3:00 – Naptime

4:00 – Wake and Playtime

6:00 – Dinner and Milk

6:30 Playtime

7:00 Bedtime Routine (Bath, Breastmilk, Book, etc)

7:30/8:00 Bedtime


Camden follows this schedule very closely every day. If he has a cold or doesn’t sleep well, he might get up at 6:30 or 7, and then I have to move everything up an hour except bedtime. I aim to keep bedtime at exactly the same time every day.

I am also a nap Nazi. So I do everything I can to be home at both naptimes (but for sure, without fail, at least one) every day. And if I’m not home, I’m driving at that time so he at least sleeps in the care for 30-45 minutes. I do NOT drag Camden out and around during naptime. To me, that’s just asking for a cranky toddler who can’t control his emotions or tiredness. And that’s not fair to him. 

In fact, Camden didn’t sleep well last night (he has a col and was up every 45 minutes. Hoo boy.) and we were supposed to go to a free toddler music class today. I bailed and skipped it, because it was much more important that Camden stay home and get a nap in his crib so that we could work to make up his lost sleep and re-regulate his schedule. 

For real, I don’t mess around with sleep. Haha.


Sample Schedule for One Year Old #toddlerschedule #babyschedule #momblog #sleepschedule #babysleepschedule #breastfeeding #fedisbest

Keeping tummies full is essential to a good routine!


My 3 biggest tips for creating and keeping a good sleeping routine for your 1 year old

  1. Take cues from your little one. He or she will let you know how much sleep they need and how long they can go in between naps. Build the schedule around that.
  2. Toddlers are hungry little monkeys. Keep their bellies filled or they won’t sleep well. Snacks are a necessity in toddlerhood.
  3. Naptimes are key. Do everything you can to make sure that naptime happens in your house, on time, and in a routine manner. Our naptime routine includes a diaper change, 1 or 2 books, and a short cuddle before I lay him down.


I thrive on routines, and I’m very aware that toddlers thrive on routine as well. Build a routine that works for you and your child. 


Are you confident in your toddler’s sleep schedule? How did you develop it?

Sample Schedule for One Year Old #toddlerschedule #babyschedule #momblog #sleepschedule #babysleepschedule #breastfeeding #fedisbest

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  1. Cendu Param

    You’re so right! It’s so important to listen to baby’s cues to create a schedule. No two babies are exactly alike, we gotta listen and our littles will tell us what they need.

    1. Lisa

      Absolutely! I feel like, with social media, we get so hung up on what they should be doing instead of listening to them.

  2. Brittany

    This is great. First time mom coming up and have no idea what kind of routine to set! This is very helpful!

  3. D. Allyson Howlett

    Awesome tips! Naptime IS key! Missing one can throw off their entire day and make your day miserable!

  4. Therose

    This looks like a good schedule. I remember these days and you’re right, naps are really important. They sleep better at night as well if they nap during the day. My daughter is three and I’m lucky if she naps, but she still needs them because the evenings are horrible when she doesn’t. Thanks for sharing.

  5. thomasfamforever

    i could never and still struggle getting my kids on a schedule! glad you have one that works

  6. Lauren

    Nap nazi too! Even with my 2 year old. We go to the early church service, show up late to birthday parties that start at prime nap time, and say no to lots of events because there is just no forcing a toddler to behave without a good sleep schedule.

  7. Julia from Balancing Bravely

    OMG the sleeping on the tummy, bum in the air – TOO CUTE.

  8. Keating Bartlett

    We swear by routines in our home. We put our daughter on a schedule at 4 months and she stayed on that same schedule until she was 13 months. From there, she dropped down to one nap a day (still a 7 am wake up time and a 6:30 pm bedtime, though). I couldn’t imagine not having our schedule! haha

  9. Main Mom

    I should’ve gotten on this when my munchkin was 1. He’s almost 3 now and we’re still trying to nail down the schedule thing.

  10. Sarah Thornhill

    My little one year old naps at 10:30 and then not again until 3:45. Both are “good” naps, each are usually two sleep cycles long. He is a terrible night sleeper. Waking to feed constantly; between midnight and 6:30 he’ll wake an average of four times. Any tips?
    – this tired mum

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