Roasted to Order Gourmet Coffee by Boca Java: the Only Coffee You’ll Ever Buy Again! 

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Boca Java has been making roasted to order gourmet coffee for years, and they have perfected it! If you’re looking to up your coffee game (and help make a difference in the process), Boca Java is the only logical choice. 

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We are serious coffee people in our house. In fact, one of my toddler, Camden’s, earliest words was ‘Co-hees’ (coffee). And he’d point at the coffee and say ‘dink! dink!’ He helps us make coffee every morning, and he watches out for us – he knows that not drinking enough coffee makes mama cranky. Ha. And if you’ve ever checked out my Instagram, coffee makes an appearance on the reg. Because, I’m a mom. I need my coffee.

My husband got me a Keurig 6 years ago, for our first ‘dating’ Christmas, and ever since then, we’ve just used disposable Kcups, and accepted that our coffee was okay.

And then. Oh, and then.

Then, through a lucky chance, I was sent a couple bags of Boca Java’s roasted-to-order coffee to try. When I opened the mailbox, I could literally smell the freshly-roasted coffee smell. There was a bag of Caramel Island Kiss, and my husband and I couldn’t stop sniffing it. We decided to invest in a few reusable cups for our brewer, and we set about filling them with Boca Java’s caramel coffee.

And our coffee world exploded. Here’s the deal: coffee that comes pre-packed into little cups is not fresh. It’s stale, actually. And it’s not that great. Coffee that you pack yourself is always going to be better.

But coffee that is freshly roasted when you order itThat is going to be the best coffee taste you’re ever going to get. Let Boca Java roast it fresh for you (and grind it if you need them to), and then sip on the best coffee you’ve ever tried.

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Don’t Take it From Just My Husband and Me

We’ve been loving Boca Java at our house – in fact, as soon as we figured out how much we loved it, we jumped on their website and ordered EIGHT MORE BAGS of their roasted to order coffee!(Are you convinced we’re in love yet?)

And then my husband told a co-worker – who is especially picky about his coffee – about how much we loved Boca Java. Of course, the guy was skeptical, so Andrew took a bag of Boca Villa, a non-flavored, basic dark roast in to work. They brewed it at work, and his co-worker said it was amazing! Consider another person converted!

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And not only does this wonderful company make fabulous roasted to order coffee, they’ve got a heart to change the world and help those in need! Keep reading to see how fabulous they are, and then I can’t wait to share their limited-time holiday coffee releases with you. Plus – of course – I’ve got a great discount code for you.

I promise – buy any coffee lover (they’ve got tea and all-natural, Fair Trade hot cocoa too!) some bags of Boca Java for Christmas, birthday, new parent gift, or any other occasion, and you’ll be they’re new favorite person.


Coffee For a Cause – Roasted to Order Coffee That Works to Change the World

I am all about products that give back; they are my favorite companies to support, because kind people are my kinda people. If you are blessed enough to have influence, I believe in using that influence to help do some good.

Believe it or not, when I first started loving Boca Java, I didn’t even know about their great mission. But since I do now, I’m so excited to share it with you! They have what they call ‘Coffee For a Cause,’ which features a few different fabulous, life-changing missions.

Project C.U.R.E. Coffee 

These bags of roasted to order coffee support Project C.U.R.E., which delivers critical medical relief to the people in places lacking access to necessary medical treatment, such as Nicaragua and Kenya, . Each bag of Project C.U.R.E. coffee sold provides $60 of medical treatment. One bag of coffee can make a huge difference! And if you’re looking to gift this coffee, they’ve got a Project C.U.R.E. gift set that includes two bags of coffee, a coffee mug, and 4 rock candy stir sticks – plus you’re providing $120 worth of medical relief to those in need. 

Brew of Bravery Blend

Boca Java created their ‘Brew of Bravery‘ coffee blend with the intention to provide 10 million cups of coffee to currently deployed troops. Let’s face it, I think we all realize that military-issued coffee is terrible. And don’t these brave women and men – serving our country and missing precious moments with their families – deserve the best that coffee has to offer? I think so, and Boca Java does, too.

So, for every purchase of their ‘Brew of Bravery‘ blend, Boca Java will send one roasted-to-order bag to you, and match that with a donation of a bag of coffee for the troops. This one hits close to home for me, because my sister-in-law is currently deployed. She’s missing her kids like crazy – she missed her son’s first day of kindergarten, and her daughter’s birthday, and she’s going to miss Christmas. And there are so many more wonderful people defending our country and missing the same things with their families. The least we can do is help provide them with some gourmet coffee to show them our support and appreciation. Y’all: Boca Java has already been able to donate 8.4 million cups! Help them reach that 10 million mark! 

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Boca Java Holiday Limited Time Releases

Boca Java JUST released their 6 holiday-flavored coffees, and I was so excited to try every. single. one. of them, so I can tell you all about them.

Pumpkin Paradise: You all know I’m serious about my pumpkin-flavored everything. If you’re going to represent the glory that is pumpkin-season, you better be good. Good news: this roasted to order pumpkin-pie flavored coffee is perfection. In fact, this coffee is headed to my recipe test kitchen, so I can make an at-home version of my favorite pumpkin cream cold brew. It’s necessary, and it will be life changing. Look for that post sooooon.

First Snow: This is a coconut-vanilla-caramel blend, and I am here for it! I love coconut, and this just feels like the perfect coffee to drink when it’s snowing. Which apparently, is in October now, so you know, stock up on this so you’ve got it ready for next year, when it’ll probably snow in August. 

White Wonderland: My husband’s vote is for this one. His favorite drink is a white chocolate-caramel mocha, so this white chocolate mousse flavored coffee is right up his alley. Add a couple squirts of caramel syrup, a little milk, and some sweet cream creamer for a decadent holiday treat. 

Jingle Bell Java: This roasted to order coffee is infused with the flavor (and scent!) of Vietnamese cinnamon, and it is so, so good! Perfect for a snickerdoodle latte, but perfection on its own as well. 

Frosty’s Favorite: Apparently Frosty loves smooth butterscotch, and my husband says he’s not wrong. It’ll warm you from the inside out – so maybe not Frosty’s best choice, but definitely yours! 

Merry Mistletoe: roasted to order with hints of toasted pecans and cinnamon, this is the perfect Christmas-morning coffee to serve! It makes a perfect brunch coffee – and it would be delicious paired with this Strawberry Sweet Cream French Toast!

Should you buy them all? Yes. Every single one of them. Stock up, because they’re only available through the holidays! In fact, you can get a 6-pack of all the flavors here

But if you’re only going to buy one, my vote is for the Pumpkin Paradise, and my husband recommends the Winter Wonderland. 

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Want to Give the Roasted to Order Coffee Experience a Try?

Here are my two favorite ways to introduce someone new to Boca Java for the first time:

The Gourmet Coffee’s Lovers Gift SetThis is a great starter set for someone who loves good coffee. You get a bag of Boca Java’s most popular dark roast, medium roast and single-origin coffees, as well a 5 rock candy stir sticks and a stainless steel coffee scoop. Try these basic coffees and you’ll be hooked for life! 

Baby Boca Flavored Coffee (10 pack): If flavored coffee is more your style, this is the best option to try out 10 of their best-selling flavored coffees. You get 2 oz, ‘baby-sized’ bags of coffee to try out, in amazing flavors including ‘Caramel Island Kiss’ (the first one we ever tried!, ‘Maple Bacon Morning,’ ‘Mint Chocolate Memories,’ and ‘Bananas Foster Float.’ 


No matter what you choose to try, you can’t go wrong! I haven’t found one yet that I don’t like!


Disclaimer:  I was sent Boca Java coffee and compensation for the purposes of review. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, however. 




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  1. Amanda

    I wouldn’t survive without coffee! I’m always up for trying new roasts and brands! Can’t wait to try this!

    1. Lisa

      Me neither! Coffee is a necessity – and honest-to-goodness, Boca Java is the best stuff we’ve ever tasted! I hope you love it as much as we do!

  2. Justine

    I need to get this for my husband! He’s a coffee expert!

    1. Lisa

      He would LOVE this coffee – it is honestly so, so good!

  3. Noelle

    I’m so excited to check this out. I love their cause!

    1. Lisa

      Right? It’s so awesome of them to support our troops!

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