Pixsee Baby Monitor – Our New Must Have Item!

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Pixsee Baby Monitor

I’ve never been one for a fancy nursery aesthetic or over-the-top decor.  In fact, the only thing hanging on Lawson’s wall is 2 hooks for all of his swaddles 😬. But the reality is that the only time he is in his room is to nurse or sleep. So the decor doesn’t matter. What DOES matter? The things that keep my baby safe while he sleeps. For me, that’s his breathable crib mattress and our new @pixsee.global baby monitor. Pixsee sent over this monitor for me to try out and share with all of you, and I’m convinced you’re going to want one too!

baby watching pixsee baby camera

The Pixsee monitor is so, so cute – it’s a little bear! – and it has all the features I could need/want. It monitors your baby, takes photos if you want (and organizes them in albums!), is completely portable so it moves around the house with you, and has a nice clear night view.

baby smiling with pixsee baby monitor

Plus it connects to Amazon Alexa devices, which means I can pull up the video on an Echo Show. We’ve been talking about getting an Echo Show, and I think this is the push we need. I love having the camera feed on my phone, but it’s also super helpful to have it on another screen as well.

P.S. After I took these photos, my husband informed me that the cord actually threads nicely down the tube of the stand so it’s safe from baby hands.

Features I Love on the Pixsee Baby Monitor – Wide View

One BIG difference that we have found with this camera is the wide view. We ended up putting this camera as our downstairs monitor. My husband just went back to the office 3 days a week after 2 entire years of being home, and now the boys will be able to play downstairs a lot more. The other day, they were both playing, and I wanted to run upstairs and stick veggies in the air fryer for dinner, but I hated that I couldn’t see what they were doing. Was Lawson crawling somewhere he shouldn’t? Was Camden trying to pick Lawson up and walk around with him?

I asked Andrew to set one of the cameras up downstairs, and he took the Pixsee. It was perfect because it has it’s own stand, so we didn’t have to find somewhere to mount it. Plus, as the kids grow and evolve, and that space grows and evolves with them, we can just move the stand around to where we need it.

So we set up the Pixsee baby monitor and then turned on the camera feed on our phone. In the small bedrooms, we didn’t appreciate the wide view. But when we put it in the downstairs play area, the wide view let us see so much. I figured out that, if I move one chair, I can see almost the entire downstairs area, so I know what the kids are doing if they’re down there playing.

Features I Love on the Pixsee Baby Monitor – Temperature Monitor

pixsee baby monitor in nursery

The temperature monitor on the Pixsee baby monitor is accurate, and it’s such a nice feature to have. When it’s in Lawson’s room, I love that extra layer of information. And when the baby monitor is downstairs, it’s nice to know as well.

Features I Love on the Pixsee Baby Monitor – Design

pixsee baby monitor loooking over crib

This is the absolute cutest baby monitor I have ever seen. The shape is a cute little bear, and Lawson seems to think it’s pretty cute too. The designers of this actually won an award for the design job on the monitor – and it was completely deserved!

close up view of bear shaped baby monitor

When the box arrived, I was surprised at how HEAVY it was. The stand for the monitor is super heavy-duty – for safety purposes – and not just some flimsy piece. It’s heavy enough, well designed and weighted that it doesn’t fall when Lawson tries to pull on it, which is, you know, every time he can get near it. Ha.

Bonus – you can add extra family members to the camera so you can keep everyone up to date on your sweet littles. How cool is that?

Skip the nursery decor, the fancy extras, the wooden name sign, etc and invest in an amazing pixsee baby monitor. Best use of your money for sure 🙌🏻

What are your baby must-haves?

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