Peppermint White Chocolate Coffee Recipe + Death Wish Coffee Gift Ideas

peppermint white chocolate coffee

Every year, when I start thinking about Christmas gifts, I start thinking about coffee. This year, I’ve got a new coffee brand to share with you: Death Wish Coffee.

death wish coffee boxes

Death Wish Coffee is marketed as the world’s strongest coffee, and it’s fair trade + 100% organic. You can find it online or in many grocery stores – I ran across it in my local grocery store, to my excitement.


So is Death Wish Coffee strong?

Yessss! Death Wish Coffee sent me three boxes of Kcups – medium roast, dark roast, and espresso roast. My husband immediately broke into the dark roast and brewed himself a cup. His response: “This is really good. Normally I brew my coffee on ‘strong,’ but this is that strength without having to brew on strong. Meaning, I can still make it stronger!”

He then asked how long it would take me to buy more, haha. So that’s a glowing review from him.


Ideas for Gifting Death Wish Coffee

I mean, a bag of coffee in itself is a gift. A fun thing to do: buy a bunch of bags or Kcup boxes, and anonymously drop them on your friends’ doorsteps. Believe me, they’ll thank you.

But another favorite way to gift coffee is also super simple: print out a cute recipe card with a fun coffee drink, and attach it to the box with ribbon or a bow. Done and done!

Here’s my current go-to drink: a peppermint coffee with white chocolate foam on top. Holiday perfection for sure.

peppermint white chocolate coffee


Peppermint White Chocolate Coffee

This is the way I make my coffee most mornings, when I’ve got a couple of minutes. I brew a cup (or 2) of coffee. I love using Death Wish Espresso Roast Coffee for this recipe, because the strength of it means it doesn’t get a watered-down taste.

Then I stir about a 1/2 tablespoon of peppermint coffee sauce into the coffee.

I use my cold foam maker to make foam to top my coffee. In the cold foam maker, I add about 1/2 cup of half-and-half or milk or cream; whatever’s on hand. Half-and-half makes the best foam in my maker; just experiment with yours. Squeeze a drizzle of white chocolate sauce in, and then press the lid on and push start.

Drizzle half of the foam on your coffee. Save the other half for a second coffee, or if you’ve got kids like me, your kids will probably beg for their own little cup of “calf-and-half.” Camden LOVES it, so I never have enough left for a second cup.

Add a candy cane or some crushed peppermint candy pieces to the coffee for a festive look. Plus, it melts into the coffee and adds an extra peppermint kick. Delish!

Here’s a handy little recipe card you can print off to include on the front of your coffee gift!

white chocolate peppermint coffee recipe card


Okay, One Last Gift Idea

If you’ve got a coffee lover and you’re looking to give them a substantial gift, I recommend a Death Wish Coffee gift basket.

My favorite things to add to a Death Wish Coffee Gift Basket:

And anything else that might make their coffee drinking experience more exciting!

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