One Day, Sweet Boy


Sweet boy,

Today you are  8 months old.

Today you started babbling for the first time – a string of bababa that your daddy and I are now competing to turn it into a mamama or dadada. I’m okay if you want to say dada first; you have an awesome daddy and you are enamored with him.

Today you slept until 3 a.m. For this week, that’s a record. You’ve been awake, standing in your crib and crying, at 1 a.m. all week long. That cry breaks my heart. All I want to do is cuddle you, because all you want is for mama or daddy to cuddle you.

Today you pulled yourself up and worked on cruising along the couch. Sweet boy, you’re going to be an early walker, aren’t you? You’re always on the move. Please slow down. But almost every time, you cruise down to me and grab my leg or my hands and smile that sweet grin at me.





One day, you won’t want my cuddles, or so they say. I’m going to naively think that you’ll want to cuddle up with your mama even when you’re 10 years old and embarrassed by me in public.

So for now, I’ll cuddle you at night. I’ll wait an extra 5 minutes to put you down in your crib, because I’m watching you sleep and trying to memorize every inch of you.


One day, you’ll walk and run and climb and play independently. Hopefully, you’ll still look to me (and your daddy) to help you celebrate every big moment, but you won’t need me to help you get there every time.

So for now, I’ll hold your tiny hands every time you offer. I’ll pull you close to me, kiss your soft cheek, and make you giggle. I’ll clap and cheer for every new thing you do, and I’ll teach you to be proud of yourself.


One day, you’ll talk to your friends more than you talk to me. You might even (God forbid) text more than you talk.

So for now, I’ll listen to every little babble and Pterodactyl screech you make. I’ll record them and listen to them before I go to sleep and smile at your silly antics. I’ll hold you close and talk right back to you.


One day, you won’t be my sweet little baby boy. You’ll be my sweet, grown up boy.

So for now, I’ll do everything I can to love, treasure and enjoy every moment of you, sweet baby boy.





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