Mother’s Day Gifts That Give Back

Mother’s Day gifts that give back are my favorite types of gifts. I feel so blessed to live the life that I do, and if someone is going to buy me a gift, I’d love if it provides something for someone else as well. Check out this collection of gifts that give back and let me know your favorite!


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If you know me, you know that my favorite companies and products are ones that give back. I feel very strongly that, if we are blessed enough to be able, we should be giving back to those who are not as blessed as we are. 

I’ve compiled a collection of my favorite companies, products and gifts that give back. I’ve picked ones that give back in all sorts of ways, from clean water, to publishing wages, to helping released inmates secure employment. 

You can find something here for any mama in your life who is like me and appreciates a gift that gives back! Plus, you’ll probably find a few things to add to your own wishlist as well. And luckily, any of these items will make you feel good, because they’re awesome products and awesome companies. 




hand in hand soap

Hand in Hand Bar Soap

($5.99 – Cactus Blossom, Citrus Grove, Lavender and Sea Salt

These bars of soap smell fantastic, and they’re all-natural as well! The price is perfect to buy one of each for your mom, or to add them to a gift basket of things she can use to pamper herself.

The best thing about this soap? For every bar of soap sold, Hand in Hand gives a bar of soap and a month of clean water to a child in Haiti. We all have to use soap anyway; why not use one that gives back?

Hand in Hand also sells body wash in the same 4 scents. The body wash also provides soap and water to children in Haiti.




Beelove Spa Collection

This spa collection is at the top of my wishlist! It’s honestly affordable (and if you click this link, you can save $10 on the box – or any product!) for a high quality spa collection, and the products are gorgeous!

You can also buy each product separately, as well as jars of raw honey, honey & tea sets, travel body product collections and more. 

And BeeLove has one of my favorite ways of giving back (and one of the most original!). They hire talented men and women returning from prison to give them the training and support they need to secure full time employment. 



gifts that give back she's worth more able cuff

She’s Worth More Cuff by ABLE

($38.00) This cuff is made of polished brass and it is adjustable to any size. It’s so pretty and would look good with just about any outfit.

ABLE is a company that believes in wage publishing for their workers. They believe that, if companies publish wages, they will be held accountable for paying their workers proper living wages or more. Part of the proceeds from this bracelet go to support fighting for wage publishing. 

Each She’s Worth More bracelet is handmade by skilled jewelers in Nashville, TN, and yes, their wages are published. You can see them here (the lowest paid worker makes $14/hr, which is well above Nashville’s living wage of $11/hr). 



gifts that give back swell water bottle

S’Well Water Bottle

($25-45) These gorgeous water bottles are eco-friendly, triple walled, and they comes in a crazy amount of beautiful colors and designs. 

Plus, the owner of S’Well, Sarah Kauss (yay, female owned company!), is very focused on giving back through your purchase of their awesome products. The company currently partners with UNICEF and is working to provide Madagascar with clean drinking water. Nearly 50% of Madagascar lacks access to clean water, and your purchase from S’Well would go toward working to change that!




The Giving Keys Co. 

($25+) The Giving Keys Company makes jewelry featuring keys, and they’ve got necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings and more. There are so many styles I love, and I’m going to have to buy one of each!

The Giving Keys gives back, because they hire people in Los Angeles who are transferring out of homelessness. Providing them a job provides them with stability and the ability to take control of their life and living situation. This is an awesome cause! 

The gorgeous products shown in the pictures are the Everything You Need Is Inside Pendant and the Dainty Keys Pendant





Love Your Melon Beanies

($30+) Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer and supporting the fight against pediatric cancer.  They have given 160,524 beanies to children with cancer so far, and they have given over $6 million to cancer research.

Every beanie is beautifully made, and they are made with super-soft cotton that is comfortable for children battling cancer to wear. They have mens’ beanies, womens’ beanies and kids’ beanies, and you can find plain, cuffed or pom beanies. LYM even manufactures collegiate beanies so you can support your team as well! 


gifts that give back mudlovegifts that give back mudlove


MudLOVE Hanging Planter//Vase

(Planter – $44 // Vase – $36)

All of the products on MudLOVE‘s website are handcrafted in Indiana, are wheel-thrown stoneware, and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They are beautiful and each one is just slightly different because they are handmade. The vases comes in multiple colors and can be used to hold flowers, kitchen utensils, and more. 

Every product you purchase from MudLOVE provides one week of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic. So not only are these beautiful products each handmade, they help provide a basic life need as well!




31 Bits Handmade Jewelry – Rosette Bracelets // MAMA Necklace

(Rosette Bracelets – $32 // MAMA Necklace – $39) 

Everything on 31 Bits is handmade and supports good causes, but these two items are just my favorites. But you should definitely go check out all of the others as well!

31 Bits partners with some of the most skilled artisans around the world by providing dignified job opportunities and giving them access to the global market. They provide ethical working conditions and fair wages to their artisans. Each piece tells you who it’s made by (the MAMA necklace is handmade by an artisan in Bali, for example). So it has a story for you to tell the mama you give it to. 



gifts that give back jewel garden

Lulu’s Garden Jewel Garden

($35.00) This perfectly packaged box of plants includes 3 succulents and you can choose from a list of different sleeves for the box. There are also specific Mother’s Day succulents and larger ones as well.

If you’re a mama like me (or you’ve got one like my mom!), succulents are perfect because they’re hard to kill. I’ve got a black thumb so succulents are my only hope to have pretty greenery in my house!

Each purchase supports providing clean water to third world countries around the world. 



Causebox Subscription Box ($50/quarter)

I got the spring Causebox as my first Causebox ever, and I think I’m addicted! I know almost every mama I know would love to get this as a gift. And you can get just one; you don’t have to subscribe for more than 1 box. 

Each box contains products from socially conscious companies who are empowering women, people living in poverty, providing people with living wages (or more, based on where they live!), and also giving back to charities that support people in need.

And the products are top notch. In my spring Causebox, I got a gorgeous vegan leather portfolio (it’s big enough to fit a 13 inch computer!) and  a beautiful scarf. I also got a macrame plant hanger, a gold plated bracelet, eye mask, elixir toning mist, bamboo brightening mask, pink clay konjac sponge and a gorgeous exclusive art print – all for $50! The value of this box is astounding and I can’t wait to get the summer box as well! 


These are my favorite gifts that give back! Let me know which ones you love and any great companies or products that I’ve missed! I’m always looking for new products to add to my list! 


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