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If you want Instagram-worthy dalgona coffee, but the flavor is too strong for you, give this Mocha Dalgona Coffee a try! It’s sweet, delicious, so simple, and absolutely photogenic!

mocha dalgona coffee


Have you heard of the Insta-famous dalgona coffee yet? Since we’re all stuck at home, and it only has a few ingredients, it seems like everyone is eager to make it. Plus the foamy cap makes a perfectly Instagram-worthy photo!

The only problem? Dalgona coffee is strong. Like, if you don’t drink black coffee, it’s make-you-shudder strong. I made it and I couldn’t drink it. The bitterness was overwhelming; someone described it as tasting like chewing on coffee beans. I’m inclined to agree with them.

But, it’s so pretty and so easy to make, so I wanted to make it drinkable. There had to be a way to make it good.

Turns out, there’s more than one way. The first? Mocha Dalgona Coffee – which I’m about to share with you.

The second? Dirty Chai Dalgona Coffee.

You gotta try them both. So let’s get to making the mocha version today, and I’ll share the dirty chai version in a few days!


top view of dalgona mocha foam cap 1

Making the Mocha Dalgona Coffee

The simple recipe for regular dalgona coffee is: 1 part boiling water, 1 part sugar, 1 part instant coffee.

To make it  mocha, you need chocolate. So all you’re going to do is replace part of the instant coffee with instant hot cocoa powder. 

mocha dalgona coffee ingredients 1

To make your Mocha Dalgona Coffee, you’ll need: 3 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons instant coffee, 1 tablespoon instant hot cocoa powder, and 3 tablespoons of boiling water.


mocha dalgona coffee hot chocolate ingredients in bowl 1

In the bowl of a stand mixer, measure the coffee, hot cocoa and sugar. Pour in 3 tablespoons of boiling water. Mix on the lowest speed until coffee and cocoa powder are dissolved.



foamy dalgona mocha foam 1

Kick the speed up to high and mix until the mixture thickens and foams. It won’t be quite as light and fluffy as regular dalgona. This took about 4-6 minutes in my stand mixer. 


glass mason jar with milk and ice 1

Put 4 or 5 ice cubes in a mason jar or coffee mug. Pour milk – any kind works – to fill about 2/3 of the cup. Spoon mocha dalgona over the top of the milk. 


dalgona mocha coffee in mason jar 1

After you take your IG photo, I recommend stirring the coffee foam and milk together to make a sweet latte. The cocoa powder definitely cuts the bite of the instant coffee and makes this a sweet treat that you’ll want to make every morning! 


angled view of mocha dalgona coffee 1

Tips and Tricks

Making a mocha dalgona coffee is a little more temperamental than making regular dalgona. Here are some important tips and tricks to help you.

  • Make sure your water is boiling or really, really hot. The hotter it is, the better it will help your cocoa powder dissolve.
  • This recipe works better with a stand mixer than by hand. Regular dalgona works just fine whisking it by hand, but with part of the solids being cocoa powder, it requires a lot more air and time to whip. You’d have to whisk a loooong time by hand; it can be done, I just don’t recommend it!
  • I don’t recommend swapping out more than a third of the coffee for cocoa. I tried half cocoa and half coffee and it just didn’t whip up at all.
  • Want it even sweeter? Drizzle a little bit of chocolate syrup over the top and stir it in with everything. 


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