May Date Night In Box Review – Activate Your Senses

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May was super busy for us, and I feel like that happens every year. It made me more grateful than ever for Date Night In, because we could barely fit in the at-home date, let alone find time to go out for a date together.

This date had so much going on that we were able to split it into 2 date nights. I think this is the third time we’ve done that, out of 6 boxes so far. That makes me love the box even more, because I feel like I’m really getting my money’s worth when it lasts for 2 nights.



If you haven’t heard me talk about Date Night In before, here’s the rundown: DNI is a subscription box that comes monthly. It contains everything you need to have a quality date night at home with your significant other. There are activities, games, in-depth questions, meal idea (food not included), a link to a custom playlist, and ideas to continue the date night.

If you want to read past reviews and see what was in past boxes, here’s April (Let Love Grow) March (80s theme), February (1920s Paris theme), and January (building your relationship).

May Date Night In Unboxing

Date Night In May – Sensing More

May’s theme was all about using your 5 senses – seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling and hearing.

There was a custom playlist (as always), delicious dinner menu and small plates tasting menu, massage oil/cards/instructions, caramels for tasting + a tasting mat/rating card/pens, yummy smelling wax melts, a pieceless puzzle, and a date guide.

This month was different, too, because they’ve started having much more of an online component. There is now an audio date guide, where someone leads you through the different part of your date. But you can also download the regular print version as well.

Once again, all of the activities gave us enough to do for 2 different date nights.


The Activities

My husband and I did the caramel tasting first. There were 5 caramels from McCrea’s Candies: dark mocha, tapped maple, basil cayenne, single malt scotch, and black lava sea salt. It was really fun to taste them, because the flavors were pretty exotic!

We couldn’t rank them as a couple, because we had pretty different views on them. Andrew loved the tapped maple, but it was so, so, so sweet that I couldn’t stand it. I loved the heat and the basil flavor of the basil cayenne, but Andrew thought it was disgusting, haha! But we both guessed which one the other would love and which one they would hate before we tried them. It turns out we know each other pretty well, because we were right on all counts!

The massage component was fun. The online resources include instruction videos for different massage techniques you can try. The included massage oil was a little strong for us (neither of us care for lavender scent) but we still had a good time trying it.

Then there was the pieceless puzzle. This was just a fun, quick little activity, and it’s one we can pull out with friends or family to show for fun too. The audio guide also added an activity to it. It had us look at the picture on the puzzle for 60 seconds and then see how many of the questions we could answer without looking back at it. My husband obviously did better than I did, because he’s much more observant than I am, haha. We melted the wax melts in our warmer while we played with it; they each smelled pretty good! And the guide included a code to save 15% from Okcollective Candle Company, which is where the melts came from.

The fifth activity was relationship questions. This was the ‘sound’ activity. The guide told us to close our eyes while we answered, because it would let you be more relaxed while you answered since you weren’t getting any visual input from your significant other.


The Food – Date Night In May

The Date Night In May box involved a lot of eating, haha. Aside from the caramel tasting, there was an included dinner menu and a small plates tasting menu.

The dinner entree was a parmesan-panko-crusted tilapia, and the small plates included 4 different dips to try. I made the whipped feta, white bean and basil hummus, and the tzatziki dip. We tried them with crackers, but warm pita bread would have been great too.

The dinner menu also included some interesting table talk. It led us to talk about our relationship in terms of the 5 senses (what scents make you think of each other? What songs? What did he/she first cook for you? etc). We were able to do these even though we were eating dinner with our 16 month old.


My Overall Thoughts – Date Night In May

This was actually my favorite box by far! I felt like they really elevated the date night this month, and I was also super excited to find out that there were enough activities to give us 2 quality date nights.

Also, I appreciate that most of the items in the box were ones that would be used and then be gone. I don’t like adding a lot of clutter to our house (or having to toss things that I know we won’t use again), so I really appreciated that the caramels, wax melts and massage oil were all items that would be completely used up.

And I liked the online component this month. I felt like the date guide was much more in depth this month, and there was so much going on. It was all easy to navigate on the website and I liked the inclusion of someone narrating the guide, as well as the massage instructional videos.


June’s Theme Preview

June’s theme is a Gatsby-esque theme. Here’s the teaser image:

date night in june teaser

I can’t wait to get the box and see what’s inside!


Want to Try Date Night In for Yourself?

Click here and use the code 1FREEWITH3 to get 1 month free with a 3 month subscription. Or click here and use the code NIB2FREE to get 2 months free with a 6 month subscription. Either way, each box will cost you just over $30! And if you can get two date nights out of it, each date night will only cost you about $15! (plus the cost of dinner, but you have to make dinner anyway!) 

I bet there aren’t a ton of places you can go out and have a date night for that cost. Plus you don’t have to hire a babysitter, and you can have date night on a work night, which for us are the major reasons we keep getting boxes from Date Night In. They’re fun and they’re so worth our time and money! 


If you decide to try it out, let me know! I’d love to hear what you think! And post your images on Facebook or Instagram and tag me so I can see them! 

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