Making Mom Friends When You’re a SAHM

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We all need a mom tribe. But when you’re a stay at home mom (SAHM) to little ones, it can be hard to find mom friends. Here are some places you can look for some awesome mom friends! 

How to Make mom friends when you're a SAHM

When I became a stay at home mom, I was also fairly new to the town we live in. That meant, I didn’t really know anyone and I didn’t really know how I was going to get to know anyone.

What I did know? If I didn’t make some mom friends and build myself a mom tribe, being a SAHM was going to be very lonely, and I probably wouldn’t enjoy it very much. Maybe it would be different if Camden were school age; maybe I could meet some moms through his school and activities, but he was a newborn, so that wasn’t going to happen.

It was hard for me to find places to meet other mamas, but now that I’ve found a few, I want to share them with you. This should give you some ideas where to look in your town (and if you live in a city, maybe you’ve got even more options.

mom friend story time library

Story Hour at the Library

Our library has a baby story hour (called baby laptime), and it’s just for babies 0-18 months old. The moms I’ve met there are moms who are going through the baby stages at the same time as me (whether it’s their first or third!), so we had connections right away. And whether or not I hang out with all of the outside of story hour, at least I know that I’ve got a group of moms to talk to for 30 minutes every Wednesday morning! 



MOPS is a moms group that is focused on moms of preschool-age and under kiddos. I get together with these mamas every other week during the school year, and MOPS usually provides childcare. Our group met in the evenings, so Camden went to childcare. I got to hang out and talk to other moms, and my husband got a couple of hours to himself at home. 


Moms Groups

There are other groups like MOPS that aren’t specifically affiliated with anything. I’m a part of another mom group that met twice a month in the mornings for two hours. I got to drink hot coffee, let Camden go play in the daycare, talk to other moms, and do fun things like dancing, playing games, baking, etc. I feel like the social activities made for great opportunities to meet other moms and make new friendships.


Husband’s Job

I actually met the mama I hang out with the most through my husband. Our husbands work together, we live in the same town, and we both have 1 year olds. So we get together for lots of play dates and mama conversations (often half finished, as one of us has to grab a toddler or get a snack or change a diaper, haha). 

mom friends blogging


I know, I know, that sounds kind of odd. But through blogging and some of the blogging communities out there, I have met some really great mamas! I know so much about their families and they know so much about mine, even though we haven’t actually met in person! But they have such a wide range of experiences, and it’s awesome to feel like I can get advice and help in this whole motherhood-journey.


Toddler Activities

I take Camden to a gymnastics open gym. We’re doing toddler swim lessons. And this winter I’m going to try toddler soccer with him. These are all great places to have some adult conversations and maybe build some friendships that may turn into playdates and mom conversations! 

These activities – especially if they’re in your town – may introduce you to some moms who are at the same stage of life. There are tons of those mamas in town; it can just be hard to find them when you go to the park or the grocery store. But some structured activities for toddlers at the same age are bound to put you right next to some moms with commonalities! 


It is absolutely vital to form some good friendships as a SAHM; it’ll keep you from losing your mind when you just can’t be alone with the kids one more minute. And whether they’re in the form of moms groups, playdates, or lunchdates with a mama friend and kiddo, there are lots of ways to find some great mamas out there! 


Where have you found your mom tribe, whether you work or stay at home? 

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  1. Mama Kat

    These are awesome ideas. Before I became a stay at home mom I worked ALOT, so I didn’t have many close friends, let alone friends with kids. I started by joining mommy groups on facebook, many centered around working out.

  2. Jes Lyn

    Great article about finding mom friends. I have met people at story times, soccer, and church! 🙂

  3. Amanda Krieger

    This is a really great article. I had a social group, but when I had my son it changed as my schedule changed so drastically. I ended up making my best mom friend when I said hello to a girl I’d seen walking in my neighborhood. Turns out she lived just a few houses down, and we got along SO WELL. I wrote about her here:

  4. Shayla Thiessen

    I have been looking for ways to make friends as a SAHM that lives literally in the middle of nowhere, so this is a wonderful resource!

  5. Sandra tanner

    I have found some amazing friends at church. They are amazing friends

  6. Adventuring to Neverland

    I have had such a great experience with the library story times! So many mommy friends to be had!

  7. Tricia

    Great post! I’ve found mommy friends at my son’s therapy appointments, we’ve been having weekly breakfast dates!

  8. Modern Moms Club

    Making friends have always been a struggle of mine, even before I had my little ones. This is a great list!

  9. FitFamilyLifeBlog

    All of these are great suggestions!

  10. Lindsay

    Great article. I have the same problem as a working mom. My coworkers are all 15 years older than me & not in the same stage of life. I am so fortunate to be a part of mops but don’t get to go to library time, the daytime mom groups in town, etc… it can definitely get lonely when you don’t know many people where you live!

  11. Looking For My Tribe * A Flourishing Rose

    […] activities in my area are during the day. Childrens activities and play groups are great places for making mom friends if you are a sahm or have a flexible work schedule. Unfortunately, I’m a working mom with a […]

  12. Nikki Ace

    My most coveted day of the week when my children were preschool age was Tuesdays! This was a day that I spent in fellowship with other mommies doing bible study free from any distractions from those sweet ole’ little kiddos (do you sense my sarcasm?) Now, although my children are of school age, I still participate in a MOPS group that also helps to uplift me in my role as a SAHM. -Nikki Ace, author of The Stay-at-Home Mom and the Husband that Resents Her

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