Little Passports Science Junior Kit #1: Weddell Seals

Weddell Seals Science Junior Kit Board Game

We got Camden a Little Passports Science Junior subscription for his birthday, because he could do science all day every day. The first kit in the series is about Weddell Seals and Antarctica. (This is not sponsored; we paid for the kit. I’m just sharing our experience, because I was curious before we got it, and I couldn’t find a lot of info. The link is an affiliate link, and I do receive a small amount IF you make a purchase through the link.)

What’s in the Little Passports Science Junior Kit #1: Weddell Seals

The kit came in a box, and included:

  • a comic magazine with activities, directions, and other information
  • a ‘Build a Weddell Seal’ kit
  • a board game about seals and Antarctica
  • trading cards and stickers

The Comic Magazine

Each kit comes with a comic story about two kids. In this case, they head to Antarctica and meet a scientist who takes them to see Weddell Seals.

Science Junior Subscription Kit

After the comic, the magazine has a couple of activities – think mazes and puzzles – in it, as well as directions for the seal activity, instructions for a blubber science experiment, and a ‘meet the scientist’ section.


Build a Walking Seal

Building Weddell Seal Science Junior Kit

This was definitely our favorite part of the kit! It was definitely one that needed a lot of adult help, but still fun. You put the seal together, with a string wound inside him, so when you pull the fish out from his mouth, he walks up to get the fish. It’s cute, and a month later, it still gets played with!


Weddell Seal Board Game

Weddell Seals Science Junior Kit Board Game

The board game came with little seal playing pieces to punch out and a spinner. Using the spinner, the seals move through the path, and learn facts about seals and Antarctica as you go. Camden loved this game and we played it more than once. There’s a pocket on the back of the board to store all of the pieces too, which is nice.

Trading Cards and Stickers Little Passports Science Junior Kit #1: Weddell Seals

Each kit includes 4 trading cards (but who are you trading them with? idk) and a sheet of themed stickers. Cam enjoys them. I could do without the cards; I feel like they’re just going to be one more thing laying around the house. But I might grab a notebook and have him decorate a page with the stickers and cards and then tell me some facts he learned to write down. That way we can have a record of all the fun things he has learned.

Overall Impression of Little Passports Science Junior Kit #1: Weddell Seals

I liked the first kit. I wish it would have come with the materials to do the blubber experiment, but other than that, it was good. But I think Camden learned quite a bit about Antarctica and seals in an active way. Kit rating: 3.5/5

Additional Activities:

We checked a few books out of the library to read while we did this kit, including:

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That: Ice is Nice (the difference between Antarctica and the North Pole)

The Magic School Bus Arctic Adventure

I also searched on Pinterest and TeachersPayTeachers for some Arctic activities, too!

Next Kit: Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

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