Little Passports Early Explorers Kit #2 (Oceans)

little passports early explorers kit 2 oceans contents

We received the Little Passports Early Explorers Kit 2 – Oceans – to try out and share with you! We purchased a Little Passports Science Jr. subscription for our son this year, and we’ve been loving trying out Early Explorers as well.

little passports early explorers kit 2 oceans

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Read on to see what our kit included and whether or not we thought it was worth the cost.

What’s Included in Early Explorers Kit #2 – Oceans

little passports early explorers kit 2 oceans contents

The kit included:

  • a wooden fishing game with ocean creatures and a fishing pole with a cloth storage bag
  • stickers and trading cards
  • oceans magazine with activities, craft ideas and science experiments
  • an ocean themed puzzle

This is pretty typical of a Little Passports kit: a magazine, stickers + cards, and a couple of interactive & hands-on activities.

Let’s check out the interactive parts:

Wooden Fishing Game

ocean animals game from little passports early explorers ocean kit

This one was, surprisingly, a hit with my 2 year old. I happened to be unboxing the kit near him, and he immediately grabbed the kit and started playing with it.

There are 5 oceans animals included – a crab, turtle, starfish, fish and octopus. Also included is a wooden fishing pole and a cloth storage bag.

My two year old laid the ocean animals down to try to hook them, but they’re meant to be standing up, so the kids can swing the fishing line through the hole.

Both boys liked this game, and I liked that it’s compact and has a storage bag. It makes it a good option for tossing in my bag to play at restaurants or places we need something for the kids to do.

Ocean Puzzle

little passports early explorers ocean kit puzzle

This is a 24 piece puzzle, pretty standard as far as puzzles go. My son loves puzzles, so he’s always excited for one to show up in his boxes. I’m going to reuse the Little Passports puzzles – the first kit had one too – and use them for independent activities during our homeschool year.

Ocean Themed Magazine

oceans kit workbook pages

The ocean themed magazine is loaded with activities, craft ideas and more. The activities are fun, but also educational. They provide us some great ways to start conversations about what’s in the ocean, and what else we want to learn about ocean life.

There is also a science experiment included in the magazine. In this one, it helps kids learn how salt water is different from regular water. My son is always ecstatic to find the science experiment and ask if we can do it right away.

science experiment page from kit book

I don’t have anything special to say about the trading cards + stickers. Typically the stickers go in the sticker bin to be used whenever the kids want, and the trading cards go in a box.

Overall Thoughts on Little Passports Early Explorers Kit #2 – Oceans

We really liked this kit! I feel like the magazine pages are really informative and at a good level for my kindergartener. The boys loved the wooden fishing game, and the puzzle is good too.

I give this kit 4/5 stars.

If you want to read about other kits, just search ‘Little Passports’ on my website, and you can find links to all the reviews. Let me know if you decide to give the kits a try!

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