JORD Natural Wood Watch and a Giveaway

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It’s hard to find the perfect watch. Luckily, JORD is here with their natural wood watches! These timepieces are high quality, beautiful and made from gorgeous sustainable woods. Plus, I’ve teamed up with JORD for a giveaway. Make sure to scroll all the way down! 

JORD Wood Watches Pinterest Image #uniquegift @giftsforhim #giftsforher #giftideas

JORD gifted me with a watch from their collection. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


I am ridiculously picky about watches. I’ve rarely worn them throughout my 30 years, because I can never find one that is just right. Too tight, too loose, the watch is too huge, the face isn’t easy enough to read, and on and on. 

I’d pretty much given up on finding one that I really loved. And then JORD (pronounced ‘yode’) reached out to me with a chance to try out one of their watches. 

The JORD watches looked beautiful. But would they pass the test of my watch pickiness? I chose the koa + rose gold Cora Polaris, a gorgeous watch with Hawaiian wood and polished rose gold metal. (It also comes in 3 other colors: walnut + midnight blue; maple + vintage bronze; and zebra wood + turquoise.) 

Jord Watch with Box and Pink Scarf 1

Cora Polaris Watch by JORD

The first day I wore my watch, I knew it was different from all the other watches I’ve tried and hated. First of all, my Cora Polaris came ready to wear and fit perfectly. I was able to give them my exact wrist measurement when I ordered it, so it didn’t need any adjusting when I got it! But you can order the watch without specific measurements too – if you’re giving a gift and don’t know the measurements – and take it to a jeweler to have it adjusted.) 

The watch head is the perfect size: big enough to read the time and to see the details, but not overwhelming on my wrist. Plus it’s made from a scratchproof crystal; the only harder substance is diamond! So I trust it’s not going to get scratched or broken.

And most importantly, my JORD watch is comfortable all day long. I needed to make sure the watch didn’t pinch my skin or rub uncomfortably, or get sticky and annoying when it was hot out. I’ve been wearing the watch every day for 3 weeks straight, and I love it more every single day.

Jord Cora Polaris Watch and Coffee

3 Reasons to Get a JORD Watch for Yourself:

  1. My JORD watch is the most comfortable and beautiful watch I’ve ever ownedSee above. 
  2. Every JORD watch is made with real, high quality wood. The wood is all sustainable and natural, and some of the wood is even sourced from old natural wooden furniture! And you get the details on where your wood comes from when you buy your watch! 
  3. JORD stands behind their product and the quality. There is a one year warranty and options for return or exchange. Their customer service is top notch! And their watches are made in the same place as ROLEX! 


3 Reasons to Buy a JORD Watch as a Gift:

  1. The watches are unique; you won’t find anything like them anywhere else. If you’re looking to give someone a unique + special gift, a Jord watch is the way to go. How cool is it to get them a watch that already has a history and a story in its wood?
  2. PersonalizationThere are lots of options for personalized engravings on both the watch back plates and on the cedar box that the watch comes in. The cedar box engraving has enough space to put wedding vows or a letter to someone! 
  3. JORD doesn’t just have watches. There are so many different watch options, but there’s lots of other options too! JORD sells trendy, gorgeous Apple watch bands, wood sunglasses, and for men, there are also caps. I’m pretty sure I can knock out my whole holiday gift list on JORD’s products! 

shoes grass and watch 1

Time for a Giveaway!

You’ve heard how wonderful a JORD watch is; now it’s time to get one for yourself! I’ve teamed up with JORD to give one person $100 for a gorgeous, new JORD watch. 

All you need to enter is an email address. Click here to enter! 


And keep an eye out – I’ve got a gift guide coming soon with all my favorites to share with you! 


Jord watch plaid background

Wooden Wrist Watch

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