It’s Okay, Mama

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its okay to want more

It’s okay to be anxious. But you have to want to change it.

It’s okay to have depression. But you have to want to live a life without it.

It’s okay to need a break from your kids. You deserve to separate yourself from ‘mom’ sometimes.

It’s okay to work. Your kids will see what a hard working mama looks like.

It’s okay to feel ‘touched out.’ You might just need a relaxing bath and to be left alone for an hour. 

It’s okay to stay at home with your kids. Your kids will learn to respect everything you do for them.

It’s okay to breastfeed and baby wear. But it’s not okay to judge those who do not. 

It’s okay to formula feed. Your baby will be just as wonderful and happy and a fully tummy is a fully tummy. You do what is best for you and don’t give a second thought to anyone who has an opinion. 

It’s okay to have an opinion. It’s not okay to share it in a way that brings anyone else down. 

It’s okay to have a dream. It’s not okay to drag anyone else down on your way up. 

It’s okay to want more. But you have to be willing to fight for it. 

It’s okay to want something to be different. But you have to be willing to grow yourself to get there. 

It’s okay if you feel like you’ve lost your identity outside of being ‘mom.’ Your mom tribe will help you find it again. (Don’t have a tribe? I’ve got you!) 

It’s okay to feel lonely. Motherhood makes you a member of the greatest group ever, but it can also bring so much loneliness

It’s okay to feel like you’re rocking it. Never doubt for a minute what a wonderful mom you are. And when you feel like you’re rocking it, celebrate! 

It’s okay if it’s hard, mama. The greatest rewards require the biggest fight.


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It’s okay if motherhood feels hard, impossible, lonely, overwhelming, or suffocating. It’s okay to feel those feelings and to say them out loud. 

It’s not okay to feel like a failure. None of this makes you a failure. It makes you human. It makes you real. It makes you a feeling person with needs and wants and desires and dreams. You are not a failure. You are a wonderful woman, a fabulous mom, and a kind human.

I believe in you. I care about you. I know what a great mother you are; the way you care so much about whether you’re a good mother proves it.

woman in sunset


Motherhood isn’t easy. I’ve struggled through anxiety all my life, and let me tell you; there is no anxiety like anxious-mama. I know what it’s like; I live it daily. If you’re struggling, I want to support you! 

I’d love to connect with you! Come hang out on Instagram or Facebook and let’s get to know each other! Let’s share stories and support each other – that’s how we grow awareness and motherhood tribes! 

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  1. Kaye Mac

    Love this! Thanks for sharing. It’s a great reminder for all women. We are our biggest critics and we tend to be hard on ourselves sometimes. A woman plays so many roles and we put ourselves last. Because it’s our nature to give and give till there’s nothing left. We forget we are important too, and we also need love.

  2. Jade

    Love this!!! Motherhood can be tough. But it feels good to know that we are not alone. Great reminder!!

  3. Melissa

    Very sweet read. This job is the hardest and best job!

  4. Katie Wurtz

    What a wonderful reminder that what you are feeling is okay. I just got back from a weekend away and this is exactly what I needed to hear!

  5. Noelle Boyer

    Thanks mama! This is such a valuable reminder. I needed to see this.

  6. Darcy

    We don’t hear enough of this! So many expectations we get caught up in instead. GREAT read!


    These are such great reminders that when you feel overwhelmed,it’s ok. It’s ok to feel all these things!

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