Ice Cream Cone Number Recognition and Pattern Magnet Board

ice cream counting magnet board activity

This fun and easy Ice Cream Number Recognition magnet board is a great way to engage your preschooler in number learning activities!

Ice Cream Counting Magnet Board

Magnet boards have become one of Camden’s favorite learning activities, and one of my favorites because they’re so easy to set up. Just print, cut, laminate (optional) and add magnets. Stick to the board and let your preschooler play!

This Ice Cream Cone Number Recognition Magnet Board is perfect for practicing counting skills and recreating patterns and designs.

boy sitting at desk with ice cream counting magnet board

How to Make the Ice Cream Cone Number Recognition Magnet Board

You’ll need just a few supplies:

To make the Ice Cream Cone Number Recognition Magnet Board:

Print and cut out the cone and scoops and the design/pattern cards. Laminate them if you want to make them sturdier and longer lasting.

Add a magnet to the back of each scoop and the cone. Stick them on the cookie sheet and start playing!

How to Use the Ice Cream Cone Number Recognition Magnet Board

preschool activity boy playing ice cream counting magnet board

For Number Recognition/Counting:

There are numbers 1-15 on the scoops. Take out whichever numbers your child knows, plus one more. So for example, if your preschooler recognizes 1,2,3 and 4, get out all of those as well as 5.

You want to expand their knowledge slowly and make sure there is lots of opportunity for success as well as a learning opportunity.

Then have your child place the scoops on the ice cream cone in order, counting out loud as she does.

Bonus: Time your child and challenge him to stack the ice cream scoops in order faster to beat his time!


For Pattern/Design Matching:

There are patterns with 2, 3, 4 and 5 scoops. Start with the two scoops to help your child understand what to do.

Place the cone on the board and set a 2 scoop card next to it. Then ask your child to find those scoops and put them on the cone. Watch how they do it, and if they struggle, show them how to find the bottom one first and put it on and then the next one.

When she can independently complete the 2 scoop cards, move onto the 3 cards and so on.

Bonus: When your child is able to independently and easily recreate the design, you can play a game to add challenge. Print out another cone and scoop set so you have one too.
Then put a card between you and race to see who can make it the fastest!
Whoever makes it faster keeps the card. At the end of the game, whoever has more cards is the winner!

This Ice Cream Counting Magnet Board is great for guided learning moments, and you can also just let your child play with the cone and scoops to make pretend ice cream in their own pattern.

You could even have them make their own design and then color it on a card!

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  1. elizabethhighcock

    this is such a great activity for little ones!

  2. Kari Roberts

    This is such a great activity! We use a lot of baking sheets for magnets right now but they are such a great tool with these activities!

  3. Helena

    This looks like simple find! I’ll add this to my activities bucket for my little guy!

  4. Cam Deal

    I love these pictures of your little guy working on this activity!

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