Healthy 1-Minute Instant Pot Wonton Vegetable Soup

Winter is soup season! And this Healthy 1-Minute Instant Pot Wonton Vegetable Soup is perfect for chilly winter evenings. It’s hearty, filling, full of protein (hello, bone broth!), healthy and delicious! And the best part is, it’s only got 4 ingredients and a 1 minute cook time! What are you waiting for?

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A while ago, I bought some frozen chicken wontons from Costco, and they’ve just been hanging out in my freezer. Since it’s January, one of my resolutions has been to do less grocery shopping and more pantry-and-freezer emptying. I came across these wontons and thought they’d make a great, quick Healthy, 1-Minute Instant Pot Wonton Vegetable Soup, and they’d also be perfect for Camden to eat, too.

I was right on both accounts.

Now, this soup has 4 ingredients and a cook time of 1 minute. Yep, just one minute (of course, your Instant Pot will take a little bit to come to pressure as well). It couldn’t possibly be easier.

Let’s face it; it would probably be more difficult (and definitely more time consuming) to go to a Chinese restaurant and order this soup than it would to make it in your pressure cooker.



Instant Pot Healthy Wonton Vegetable Soup



To make this soup:

Add 4 cups of water and 4 cups of bone broth to your Instant Pot. Dump in 3 cups of frozen mixed vegetables (I used carrots, peas and corn). Drop in 30 wontons.

Close your Instant Pot and seal. Set to ‘manual’ for 1 minute.

QR when the time goes off.



See? It really couldn’t be any easier.


TIP: You can use normal chicken or vegetable broth if you don’t have bone broth. And my bone broth is very low sodium, so if yours is too, you might want to add just a pinch of salt to taste.



Instant Pot 1 Minute Healthy Wonton Vegetable Soup #instantpot #quickmeal #foodblog #healthyrecipe



Healthy Instant Pot Wonton Vegetable Soup
Servings: 6 servings
  • 4 c. bone broth
  • 4 c. water
  • 30 frozen, fully cooked wontons
  • 3 c. mixed vegetables
  1. Add water and bone both to Instant Pot. 

  2. Dump in vegetables and wontons. Give everything a quick stir.

  3. Close lid and seal valve. Set to 'manual' for 1 minute.

  4. Quick release the pressure when the timer goes off. Enjoy!

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  1. GiveItAWhirlGirl

    Yum! Wonton soup is comfort food to me and I am always looking for new and interesting ways to make it.

    1. Lisa

      It really is great comfort food! But so healthy too!

  2. Kelly Bolen

    I have been looking for more instapot recipes! I am not efficient with it and need to practice more! This looks so good!!!

    1. Lisa

      This is an amazing starter recipe because you only need to use the ‘manual’ button! Great for beginners!

  3. April

    I just got an Instant Pot for Christmas and this recipe looks like a great way to start using it! Yum!

    1. Lisa

      Yes! It’s a great way to get started and fall in love with your IP!

  4. 21flavorsofsplendor

    Wow! This looks delicious and I love the ease of this recipe. A great lunch option for my hubby and I .

    1. Lisa

      I ate it for lunches for days. It’s a light, easy lunch option for sure!

  5. Mackenzi Green

    Ugh yes such a classic and so simple !! Love it

  6. larakerrigannblog

    First of all, this soup looks amazing! Secondly, that is such a great resolution and I will definitely try that too! There is so much stuffed into the pantry, I’m sure I don’t even know half of what’s in there!

    1. Lisa

      Haha, yeah that’s what happens to me too. I’m all – when and WHY did I buy this? But at least then I have to get creative with it! haha!

  7. Michelle Huddleston

    I’ve been craving “Chinese” food and I think this may just be the thing to hit the spot!

    1. Lisa

      I love this soup for Chinese cravings because it’s so much healthier than most of the things I want. And when I go to a restaurant, I’m not going to stop at the soup, haha!

  8. Alexandra @ It's Not Complicated Recipes

    One of my favourite soups! What a delicious bowl of comfort food 🙂 Simple and so tasty!

    1. Lisa

      Thanks! It really is so simple and comforting!

  9. Karen

    Wow! This looks so yummy and super simple.

    1. Lisa

      Thank you! It’s as simple as it looks!

  10. mammabearsays

    HOW YUMMY! I love a good wonton soup! Thank you for sharing the recipe

  11. Rebecca

    I love my Instant Pot and always on the lookout for more recipes. This looks delicious and so easy too!

    1. Lisa

      I love my IP too!

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