Gift Ideas That Men Actually Want!

My husband is notoriously bad about never being able to come up with ideas for gifts. And he doesn’t keep an Amazon wish list or anything like that, either. Luckily, I pay attention to him throughout the year, so when he talks about needing or wanting something, I can take note.

gift ideas that men actually want

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However, when it comes to Christmas, I still want a unique gift for him, and it always takes some searching.

Here are some ideas for that hard-to-buy-for guy in your life:



My husband is a huge board game fanatic. Here are some great ones:


Star Wars Clue – It takes Clue to a whole new level, literally. This is a two level game of Clue, with new additions and rules to go with the original.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – This is our favorite game. It is a cooperative deck-building game, meaning that all the players work together (as Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville) to defeat all of the villains. It’s really 7 games in 1, because there is one game for each year of Hogwarts, and the games get successfully more difficult and involved. We are always looking for new friends to play it with, and there’s also an expansion to add another 5 games!


Oceanos Board Game

Oceanos – This game can be played with just 2 people – great for date night! – or up to 5. It’s quick and easy to learn, and it only takes about 30 minutes or less to play. In the game, you each have a submarine that you’re trying to upgrade in order to capture the most fish and coral. It’s super simple, but really fun as well!




holtz black leather belt

Personalized Handcrafted Leather Belt  – These are so nicely made; they’re a bit on the pricier side, but they are such good quality. I got my husband the belt (you can have his initials on the belt loop, and a message engraved on the inside of the belt) for our anniversary. And I’m really thinking about getting him a nice leather wallet for Christmas. 

Personalized Handcrafted Leather Bifold Wallet – They have bifold, trifold and minimalist wallets that are each handmade. The quality is amazing. Every guy needs a wallet – why not get one that lasts?

bluetooth beanie with headphones

Bluetooth Beanie with Headphones – There are headphones built into this beanie (but they are removable for washing!) and they connect wirelessly to your phone so you can play your music or podcasts! I know my husband would love something like this when he’s working outside!



rocketbook reusable smart notebook

Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook – These notebooks are so cool! They have reusable pages and come with Pilot Frixion pens, which are erasable. You can draw, doodle, write notes, etc on the pages, and then use the scanner app to upload the pages to your favorite cloud service. Then, you just wipe the pages clean with a damp cloth and start again! Eco-friendly, and stops paper and notebooks from piling up around the house. Plus you’ll have access to your notes wherever you are!


Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens


Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens – My husband uses these at work; I used them alllll the time as a teacher; and I use them at home non-stop. They write with smooth gel, and they erase nicely with the eraser on the tip of the pen. They come in so many colors, and you can buy affordable refills instead of having to buy all new pens every time. The pens work on any kind of paper (and on the Rocketbook above!). These would make a great gift or stocking stuffer!


reusable twist tie

Reusable Twist Tie – twist ties come in handy for so many things, but I hate that they’re made of paper and wire, and they fall apart quickly. These reusable twist ties are made of rubber, come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are flexible and easy to use. Plus they are really affordable! I know my handy man husband will love getting these in his stocking!


wireless phone charger

Wireless Charger for Phone/Tablet – I hadn’t realized wireless chargers had become so affordable until I was recently looking at them. A wireless charger is a great option for a tech-y, useful gift, because it eliminates the need to plug your phone in. Just plop it on the pad and it starts charging!


reuzel hair pomade

Reuzel Hair Pomade – For the guy who likes to keep his hair lookin’ good. It has a strong hold, good shine, and smells amazing. 




couples conversation starters

Our Moments: Couples’ Conversation Starters – This box is full of cards with conversation starters to help couples talk more (not raunchy!). It’s a great road trip game, or date night conversation starter. The questions are interesting, and you might just learn something about each other you didn’t know before!


Letters to my love book

Letters to Open When: Letters to My Love – This little book is contains 12 prompts (with envelopes!) to write letters to your husband. The prompts are things like, “When we first met…” “What I love about us…” and “It’s the little things, like when…” After you write each letter, seal and postdate it to a time when he is supposed to open it. This is a great year-long gift, because you could have him open one letter each month.




Callaway Golf CLubs

Golf Clubs – My husband is an amateur golfer, and his set of clubs isn’t very nice. This set is amazing quality for the price – the reviews rave about it! I think any amateur or beginner golfer would love this set. I’ll let you know how my husband likes it!


nfl football sweatshirt zip up

Team Zip-up – If your husband is a football fan, these zip ups are cozy and stylish! I love the look of them and there’s a ton of teams available!



For the Office


desktop arcade

Desktop Arcade – My husband just won this at our gift exchange with friends, and he was not the only one that wanted it! It has 156 games on it, including X-Men, Smurfs, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And it can also be plugged into the tv for a larger game experience!


tetris lamp


Tetris Stackable Lamp – Even I think this lamp is really cool! All the pieces light up when they are touching the others (so long as one is touching the base), but you can rearrange and stack the lamp any way you like. My husband keeps his on his desk at work, and he said everyone in the office gets a kick out of stacking and changing it all the time. 



For the Kid at Heart:


defying gravity remote control car

Gravity Defying Remote Control Car – This car is fun for the guys to play with (whether they have kids or not!). It goes super fast, spins in circles and climbs the wall! It can drive up the walls or other vertical surfaces. Plus, it charges quickly too, so you’re not waiting forever for a charge. 



laser tag

Laser Tag Guns and Vest Set – What guy doesn’t love a good game of laser tag? This set lets you turn any location into a laser tag battleground! It would be a great family game, or a great adults-only game too. You can set up your own course and obstacles, and let the battle commence!

What will you be buying (or making) the guy(s) in your life this year? 

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