Family Pajamas That Won’t Break the Bank

If you’re looking for affordable, cute, and quality family pajamas, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the family pajamas we choose this year and find out where to get your own! 

yaffi family pajamas

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I won’t deny it: I am all about the cheesy, cutesy family Christmas traditions. I love making cookies, seeing the lights, heading to all the Christmas festivals and events, all of it.

Which means, I m all here for matching family pajamas. All. Here. Last year we did a buffalo plaid theme, and we even had pjs for the dog (to be fair, it was BOGO Half Off at Target, and we had 2 adults, and a kid, so the dog was number 4).

This year we’re not doing pajamas for the dog, but we are still doing matching pajamas for the humans in our house.

The thing is, family pajamas are super cute, but they can also end up being super pricey. At most of the stores I looked at, they can run you all the way up to 60 or 70 dollars a pair. $70 for pajamas? I don’t think so. 

Luckily, I’ve teamed up with Yaffi Fashion to share the cutest pajamas all at affordable prices!

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Which Family Pajamas Did We Choose?

I had a really hard time choosing which pajamas I wanted for our family. Truthfully, I kept looking at all the adorable buffalo plaid options and wanting those. But we did red buffalo plaid last year, so I kept telling myself it was time to try something else instead.

We ending up going with these adorable grey and red bear pajamas! My shirt and Andrew’s both say ‘Bearly Awake,’ and Camden’s says ‘Wide Awake.’ Because, toddler life. Am I right?

They’re super cute and soft pajamas. The pants aren’t fleece, so they’re not super heavy, and the best part? Pockets. Each pair of pants has actual, functional pockets. That’s not something I usually get in my pajamas!

The fit is true to size for both the adult and child sizes! And each pair is $25 or under!

yaffi family pajamas mama and son 1

Where Can I Get My Own Family Pajamas?

You can check out Yaffi Fashion’s vast selection (seriously, there’s 100+ choices!) here.

Many of the pajamas sell through Amazon, and have free delivery and shipping!

Want another great deal? These HOHOHO print pajamas are only $12 per pair for adult AND child sizes!

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  1. Lina

    Family pajamas are so cute! Thanks for sharing

  2. lesa

    I love these ideas. We do Christmas jammies as a family every year!

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