Fall Toddler Bucket List (FREE PRINTABLE)

Fall is around the corner, and I have been busy creating a Fall Toddler Bucket List full of things to do with your 1-3 year old! Plus, I’ve included a free printable, so you can print a copy and check off the things as you do them! There are plenty of ideas to fill all of the cool fall days. 

fall toddler bucket list free printable


I know, I know – we’re still in the stifling heat of summer. In fact, we’re still finishing up our summer bucket list. How can I be talking about fall and a fall toddler bucket list already??

Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner. In fact, our local apple orchard is open and they’ve got fresh-from-the-tree apples in the store. We’ve got a bag of them on our counter. And I bought pumpkin yogurt at the store. And Starbucks released their fall pumpkin drinks. Hello, fall. 

Camden is 1 1/2 years old, so he’s old enough to get out of the house and really do some fun stuff. I’ve been putting together a list in my head of all the fun fall toddler bucket list things we can do together, and now I’m writing it down for you! Plus I’ve included a free printable, so you can check the items off your own list – and there’s a few lines for you to add your own ideas as well!


Our Fall Toddler Bucket List:

  1. Visit the apple orchard and pick applesApple orchards usually have a bunch of different activities other than just apple piking as well! apple orchard fall bucket list
  2. Go to a corn maze – last year, we just put Camden in a jogging stroller and did the corn maze with him! 
  3. Find hay bales to climb on and play on –  (wear old clothes; the hay pokes holes!); check your apple orchards and pumpkin patches for these!
  4. Go to the pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins – this is such a fun tradition to create with toddlers. Older toddlers can learn how to find a good pumpkin and about the different colors, styles, etc. 
  5. Decorate pumpkins together – young toddlers are not ready for cutting pumpkins, but they can help design a face for you to cut. Or you can use paint or stickers to let them go crazy. Target also has some cute character craft kits this year, too! pumpkin season
  6. Go to a football game (high school football, probably) – If you love football like my husband and I, introducing your toddler to football is a fun experience. I recommend going to an early high school football game, and only staying for part of it. Make sure you cheer a lot, because the more excited you get about it, the more excited he’ll be. 
  7. Ride a train – train riding is good for any time of year, but riding a train and looking at the fall colors is just glorious. And a toddler is always happy to ride a train! 
  8. Collect leaves and do a project with them – you can do some leaf rubbings, leaf tracings, or leaf laminating projects! Happy fall! 
  9. Rake leaves and play with the piles – self explanatory. What’s better than a good leaf crunching?
  10. Make a fall-themed sensory bin – I’ve got plans to do a harvest themed bin, a corn-kernel bin, and any other fun ones I can think of! 
  11. Have a fall outdoor picnic – cool weather, sweaters, and delicious food! 
  12. Try apple stamping.
  13. Go hiking and see the fall colors and leaves – Let your toddler touch the trees and pick up the leaves and explore! Find a nature play area if you can! fall hike through leafy forest
  14. Go on a hayrack ride.
  15. Host a fall party or playdate togetherHost a playdate with a couple of your toddler’s friends, and do a leaf craft or some apple stamping! 
  16. Visit a sunflower farm.
  17. Attend a fall festivalall the fall activities packed into one place for you.
  18. Try apple cider and apple cider donuts yummy!
  19. Take a fall family bike ride – put your toddler in the bike cart and make sure he’s got some snacks! 
  20. Put together a family Halloween costume – last year we did Harry Potter. We’ve got a fun idea for this year too! 
  21. Go to a Trunk or Treat.
  22. Make a felt pumpkin Jack O’Lantern for playing with – stay tuned for a how-to post coming up on this one! 
  23. Visit the farm and pet the animals.
  24. Watch the tractors harvest (and ride in one if you can!)
  25. Take a walk with homemade hot chocolate.hot chocolate in a mug


And here’s the handy-dandy printable so you can keep track of all the awesome, fun things you do this fall. Click on the images to download the printable! 


fall toddler bucket list png printable

fall toddler bucket list png printable 2

25 Ideas for your Fall toddler bucket list #fallbucketlist #toddler #toddlermom

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  1. Leanna

    Love this bucket list! There are so many fun things to do in the fall!

    Leanna / ChangeWithUsBlog.com

  2. Lindsey | GreenMamaLife

    Such a cute bucket list! Definitely using!

  3. Mira - The Handy Journal

    That’s soo sweet!! what a beautiful bucket list !!

  4. Melissa

    Great list! I cant wait to go apple picking. Apple prints will be on our plan for sure!


    This is a great list! I had a bunch on mine but I love the try apple cider and donuts – my little one hasn’t done that yet so we will add that to our list this year!

  6. irishtwins16

    What a great list! Cant wait to make apple cider and homemade apple sauce with the kids this year.

  7. Lorena | www.lorenaylennox.com

    I love all of these ideas, and I am super excited to try and do as many as possible. Thanks for sharing!

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