Easter Sensory Bin

Easter Sensory Bin

An Easter sensory bin is so easy to create with things you can buy on Amazon or at your local dollar store! It provides hours of entertainment and learning fun for toddlers and older kids, alike!

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Sensory bins are becoming a big part of our daily life. Camden’s favorites have been the snow sensory bin and the water bin, but I think this easy Easter sensory bin is going to rank right up there with those! There are so many cute Easter basket fillers out there that make fantastic sensory bin objects. And while many of us are unable to head out and wander Target this year, you can still grab items online at Amazon, Target or Walmart. 

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What You Need for an Easter Sensory Bin

You can grab everything you need on Amazon, or at your local dollar store, Target, Walmart, or anywhere that carries Easter basket fillers and things like that.

You can even use things that you might have in your Easter decor storage, too. Get creative!

Here’s some of the things I used (and where I got them):

  • plastic Easter eggs (my Easter storage)
  • bunny egg dipper tongs (grocery store)
  • colored paper grass (dollar store)
  • bunny shaped crayons (dollar store)
  • felt bunny clips (dollar store)
  • Easter stampers (dollar store)
  • glitter putty (dollar store)
  • light up squeezy chicken (Meijer)
  • Easter squeeze toys (Meijer)
  • spinning tops (Meijer)
  • Easter puzzle cube (Meijer)

A note on the Easter grass: I do not recommend the shiny, translucent plastic stuff. First, it’s not as ecofriendly, and second, it is so static-y and it sticks to EVERYTHING! Stick to colored paper. 


Putting Together Your Easter Sensory Bin

colored grass for easter sensory bin-min

This is the easiest part. Dump your bags of colored grass into a large bin and mix them together with your hands. Or keep them separate and make sections of each color (just know they’ll be combined as soon as the kids start playing!).


Easter eggs filled with smal items

Hide a bunch of your items – like the erasers, bouncy balls, etc – inside the colored plastic eggs. You can put one thing in each egg or a few things in them; it’s completely up to you and what you think your munchkin(s) will like.


hiding eggs for easter sensory bin

Bury some of the eggs under the grass so kids have to hunt for them. Set some of the eggs on top of the grass, too, so they at least see a few of them when you first show them the sensory bin.

Have the egg tongs ready.


using bunny tongs to pick up eggs

Using the Sensory Bin

As always, I encourage lots of time for toddlers and kids to engage in independent play with the sensory bin. Let them explore. Show them the tongs, but don’t show them how to use them at first. Don’t tell them the eggs have things inside them. Let them experience the joy of discovery and problem solving on their own.

My general rule is: the first time you introduce a new sensory bin, independent play only! That makes it fun and interesting for your child, and it gives you a little bit of time to just sit back and observe (and maybe drink your coffee while it’s warm!). 

The next time you get the sensory bin out, you can have your toddler do a couple sorting/motor activities, too. But make sure there is still plenty of time for independent play and discovery!


toddler playing with matching cube for bin 1-min

Sorting Activity Idea

Easy idea: Have your toddler sort the eggs by color. 

More difficult idea: Split all the eggs in half. Have your toddler match up the right color top and bottom halves to put the eggs back together.

Most difficult idea: Put mismatched egg tops and bottoms together ahead of time. Then have your toddler take all the eggs apart and then match them up with the right colors. 


toddler throwing grass out of Easter sensory bin 1-min

Motor Skills Activity Idea

Have your toddler use the bunny tongs to move all the plastic eggs from the sensory bin to an empty bin. And if she’s interested enough, she can move them back too!

Use the bunny clothespins to practice clipping them to the edge of the bin or grabbing other objects from the bin.

Practice spinning the spinning tops. 


If you want to see some fun videos of Camden playing with his sensory bin, head over to my Instagram! And if you want to make sure you never miss out on all the fun toddler activities I share, make sure you subscribe to my blog! 

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