Early Explorers Kit #1 Review (Little Passports Subscription)

Little Passprots Early Explorers Kit 1 Suitcase

We received the Little Passports Early Explorers kit #1 to try out and share with you! We’ve been receiving the Little Passports Science Jr. kits for a few months now (paid for on our own), so when we had the chance to try out the Early Explorers, I was definitely up for it.

This Early Explorers Kit #1 was provided to us in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

What’s In the Little Passports Early Explorers Kit 1:

Little PAssports Kit 1 Early Explorers Contents

Here’s what the kit included:

– a Little Passports travel suitcase

– a passport for Cam to fill out and learn about the 7 continents

– stickers and a luggage tag to decorate the suitcase

– a 24 piece puzzle featuring a world map

– a play set with the 2 characters featured through the kits

– a huge world map to map travels

When I opened it, I was most excited for the giant world map. Camden’s reaction was to grab the puzzle and say “We’ve got to do this puzzle!”

Let’s check out each part of the kit, and decide what we thought:

The Suitcase (Little Passports Early Explorers Kit 1)

Little Passprots Early Explorers Kit 1 Suitcase

You only get a suitcase with the first kit. The kids can decorate it with the included stickers, and then you have a place to keep the passport and things from future kits. 

I’m curious if it will hold all the items from the other kits, because I like the idea of having somewhere to store them.

Cam had fun decorating the suitcase with the stickers to make it his own. The whole time, he was talking about what was on each of the continent and how he wanted to travel to these places ‘for real life.’

Passport Booklet/Stickers (Early Explorers Kit 1):

Stickers and Luggage Tag Little Passports

The passport includes a spot for each country ‘visited’ through the kits. This is a fun way to introduce kids – especially those like mine, who have not internationally traveled yet – to what a passport is.

There are stickers to place in the passport to introduce the 7 continents. The rest of the pages are activities, mazes, puzzles, and coloring to learn more about each continent.

Puzzle of the World

Boy doing Little Passports Kit 1 Puzzle

The puzzle is 24 pieces, which is the perfect size for Cam right now. He loves puzzles, and we do then after Lawson goes to bed a lot, so he liked having a new one to add.

Plus it features all the continents, so we are working on getting familiar with all of them.

This was the first thing he wanted to do out of the kit, so we did this one together as soon as Lawson went to nap. It was decent quality and the pieces clicked together nicely. Camden was ready to mix the pieces up and do it again immediately.

Cardboard Characters Playset (Early Explorers Kit #1)

Pop Out Playset Little Passports Early Explorers Kit 1

The 2 kids and the dog who are featured through the travel kits are the play set characters. You punch out them and all the accessories and you can set up fun little adventures for them.

Honestly, this was Cam’s least favorite part. He just wasn’t that into it. But I can definitely imagine there are kids who would LOVE playing with it!

World Map Poster

World Map Poster

I actually really love this. We’re putting it on the wall in his play are downstairs where he does Legos, etc, so that it’s safe and protected from harm (little brother harm, haha) and he can mark off all the places we study through the kits. 

Boy decorating Early Explorers Suitcase

Overall Thoughts About the Little Passports Early Explorers Kit 1 (Travelers):

Usually – with the Little Passports Science Jr. Kits – I’ve ranked the kit. This one feels hard to rank, because it’s the ‘starter’ kit; it provides us with everything we need for all the other kits, so we don’t study a country in this one.

I’m not going to rank it. I’ll just say that Camden seems very interested in the kit and learning more about other countries and cultures. It was so exciting to see how it sparked his interest – he was EXCITED – in learning about all the different countries. I can’t wait to check out kit 2: Oceans.

Next year, he’ll go to half day kindergarten, and we’ll do any science/social studies that we want to at home. This kit seems like it could be the foundation of a perfect kindergarten world study throughout the year for him!

Right now you can use code MOREMONTHS to get 2 months free with a 6 month subscription or 4 months free with a 12 month subscription! (Affiliate link: I may receive a small commission at no cost to you when you order through my link. Thanks for supporting my ability to bring you great content!)

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