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The Date Night In June box had a 1920s Great Love theme. My husband and I ate delicious food, played games together (including a murder mystery!), and built our relationship through the date box. And the best part? There was so much activity that we actually had three date nights together!

Pinterest Image Date Night In June

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I don’t know about you, but summer time is crazy for us! We’ve got things going on pretty much every weekend, and we already have weekends that the grandparents are watching Camden so that we can go to some event/birthday/appointment/etc.

So I was especially excited for our Date Night In box to show up this month! I knew this was probably the only way we were going to have any sort of date night together this month. We actually opened it up and did part of the box the very night we got it!


What is Date Night In box?

Date Night In is a monthly subscription box that delivers a fully planned and prepared date night to your house. You and your significant other can have a complete date night after the kids are in bed without having to get a babysitter or go anywhere!

The dates are a surprise every month, and they are always crazy different from the month before. Want to check out some previous boxes? Here’s my unboxings and reviews for January (engineer/construction theme), February (Parisian love them), March (80s/90s throwback theme), April (let love grow theme), and May (using your 5 senses theme).

Want to win a box to try out? Keep reading; I’m giving away a box to a lucky reader this month!

date night in display june

June Date Night In Box – Great Love

The Date Night In June box had a Great Gatsby-esque theme, so everything was very 1920s and speakeasy. I loved it!

This box has so many activities in it that we were actually able to split it into three date nights! (And when you divide the cots by three, it’s an amazingly cheap way to connect with your SO!).


murder mystery date night in june

Murder Mystery Game and Fudge

The first date night consisted of us playing the murder mystery game and eating part of the creme brulee fudge from Chocolate Moonshine Co.

The murder mystery game is our favorite game that we’ve played from Date Night In so far! It was kind of like a combination of Clue and Go Fish. So every time you play it, it’s different. The score cards they gave us in the box let us play 5 times, and it would be easy to just copy new score cards to keep playing. This will be a game that we keep; it would be really great for taking with us when we travel and want an easy, portable game!

And the creme brulee fudge was really, really good! We only ate about 1/3 of it, because it’s super sweet, so it was the perfect small treat for us. We saved the rest for our next date night!


Love Time Capsule, Dinner Menu and Table Talk – Date Night In June

The love time capsule was such a neat idea! There’s a small box included, and a paper to to fill out about what our life and love is currently like. The date guide suggests that you can put small items in the box alongside the paper and then close up your box. On the outside you write a date to open the box and then put it away.

We decided to do it a little differently, though. I printed off multiple copies of the paper and put them in the box. We plan to fill one out every year (and write other important things on the back of the paper) and add them to the box each year. That way, we’ll have a cute little record of our life together, all in a nice box!

The dinner menu this month consisted of a mint julep, sun dried tomato sliders, shrimp cocktail and brownies. Yum!! And the table talk involved discussing mysteries you could explore as a couple in the future. 


dominoes date night in june

Dominoes, Fudge and Drink Recipes – Date Night In June

Our second date night involved playing dominoes. I have to admit, I am actually not a dominoes fan. I love board games and card games, but dominoes usually just bores me. Of course, I’ve usually played it in large groups, so I’ve never played it with just 2 people. So for this date night, the box included a twist on Mexican Train for 2 people. It was actually pretty fun to play, and since the game involves 7 rounds, it made us a whole date night! Plus I won, so that makes it even better! 



Now it’s your turn to try out Date Night In box! Head over to Instagram to enter to win July’s Date Night In box. It’ll take you about 30 seconds to enter (maybe a couple minutes if you don’t have an Instagram account and have to create one) and you might win a box completely for FREE!

July’s theme is Dinner and Dancing – an at-home spin on the classic date night!

Giveaway ends at midnight, July 1st, and the winner will be announced within 24 hours of contest end.

If you don’t want to wait that long, click here to start your subscription. Use the code 1FREEWITH3 to get 1 free date with a 3 month subscription or NIB2FREE to get 2 free dates with a 6 month subscription!

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