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Every month, my husband and I make it a point to have a date night together. But with a toddler, and families with busy lives, we aren’t always able to get childcare. Luckily, Date Night In is here for us. The Date Night In July theme was Dine & Dance, and it was just as good as a night out, but without the expense! 

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What is Date Night In?

Date Night In is a monthly subscription box that delivers a fully planned and prepared date night to your house. You and your significant other can have a complete date night after the kids are in bed without having to get a babysitter or go anywhere!

The dates are different every month, and there is always a ton of stuff included! Want to check out some previous boxes? Here’s my unboxings and reviews for January (engineer/construction theme), February (Parisian love them), March (80s/90s throwback theme), April (let love grow theme), May (using your 5 senses theme), and June (Great Love/1920s Gatsby theme).


Date Night In July Theme – Dinner and Dancing

The theme for the July Date Night In box was dinner and dancing, at-home style. I was excited for this one, because I love to dance (in fact – random fact – I got a minor in dance in college!).

My only concern was how easy it was going to be to dance at night in our house after Camden went to bed.

Date Night In July box contents

The Date Night In July Box Contents

This month, the box included a date guide per usual, table talk and dinner menu, pizza ingredients, chef hats (oh boy, haha), dancing videos, a ‘What Kind of Pizza Are You? quiz, and a date dash game. It also included a bottle of scented room spray to set the mood. Fancy!


The Food

We received pizza crust mix, pizza sauce, parmesan cheese and Italian spices. We just had to provide our own perishable ingredients – the cheese and toppings, basically. I went with plain mozzarella and chicken sausage and banana peppers. Easy, simple, and always good.

There was also a recipe for sparkling limencello and a ricotta dip, but we didn’t need a big meal, so we just stuck to pizza. Plus there were two suggestions for pizzas, like a garlic, grilled corn and zucchini pizza. Yum!

The date guide in the box challenged us to switch roles for tonight while making the pizza. That means, since I usually do the cooking, I was supposed to take a back seat and let Andrew do the major cooking.

And luckily, they included fancy chef hats to wear as well. Because, what is date night cooking if you aren’t wearing a professional hat, too??


The Dancing

We learned three different dance routines from the videos included. The videos are all on your online dashboard, so you’ve got access to them there. There was a fun wedding dance, a Carolina Shag, and a retro hip hop routine.

Each video was between 12-20 minutes long. We streamed them on our tv so they were large enough and danced in our living room. The routines were simple and fun – we had time to laugh, make a lot of faces and be silly together.

Plus, if you’re loving it, you can hit up YouTube and find a couple more fun videos to dance to and make your date night even longer and more fun!

The Games

The first game in our Date Night In July was a ‘What Kind of Pizza Are You?’ quiz. It was a quick, easy, lighthearted quiz that was completely just-for-fun. We did the quiz while we ate the pizza – it gave us some extra table talk, basically.

The second game was a ’30 Second Date Dash.’ Each card had a topic, like ‘5 Things Found in a Fancy Restaurant’ or ‘5 Songs About Love.’ One player started a 30 second timer, and the other person had 30 seconds to name 5 things. If she did, she got the card and the point. If not, the other person had a chance to steal. He had to name 5 things, but none of them could be things already named.

This was an enjoyable activity! I’m not sure we’d be able to play it again, because we’ve already thought of answers to each card, but it was a fast-paced game that we both really enjoyed!

My Overall Thoughts – Worth the Value? Worth the Money?

After every Date Night In box, I really stop to consider if I found it worth the value and money. I want you guys to get your money’s worth if you’re going to spend it on a date night.

Here’s the thing – each box is $42. But if you use the code 1FREEWITH3 (4 for the price of 3) or DNI2FREE (8 for the price of 6), the cost is only about $31 for each box. And I don’t have to plan a thing (except for choosing a night or two to have date nights on).

If I were to order a pizza ($15) and go to a dance class ($10/person at least), I’d already have spent $35, and that’s without tip or delivery on the pizza or gas to drive to a dance class. Plus, if we had to get a babysitter, we’re looking at waaay more money. And we can also include the 2 fun games and the room spray in this box as a fun extra.

So was it worth the money? Absolutely!

And do I feel the value was good? Yes, ma’am! We always have a really good time with the boxes, and this one was no exception. Plus, honestly, it was fun to dance just the two of us and not have to go to a class with a bunch of people.

My other favorite thing about this box was that, once again, there was enough stuff to split our date night into two. If you’ve got more time than us, you can spend 45 minutes making/cooking/eating the pizza, another hour dancing, and another 30 minutes playing the games all in one night. But by the time we put our son to bed and clean up, we try to stick to an hour or so for date night.

So we were able to have pizza and do the two games one night, and then we spent another hour dancing (and finding a couple more dance videos we loved) on a second night. Now that $31 box only cost us about $15/date.


Why Should I Try a Box?

Let’s phrase it this way – why wouldn’t you try a box? Life is so busy, and even if you are a lucky couple who finds them time to get out for a date night or two every month, the chance to have at-home, preplanned date nights is invaluable.

If you are a couple with a family, Date Night In is perfect for you. No hiring a babysitter, no finding the time to get away.

If you are a couple who both work full time, Date Night In is great for you. No planning time required, no finding lots of hours to have time together. Squeeze it in when it fits.

If you’re a new couple, DNI is wonderful. There’s lots of ways to get to know each other.

If you’re a couple who’ve been together for years, DNI is still perfect. My husband and I grow our relationship through every box we do together. We learn new things, learn to work together, learn to keep having fun together.

No matter who you are, DNI is the perfect date night.

In fact…

August Kids Night In box

What If I Want to Include My Kids in Our Date Night In?

Date Night In is still perfect for you! (I told you, this company is really, really great!). They’ve got a Kids Night In box that you can buy (with the same discount codes) and have a family date night together at home!

Date Night In August Outer Box

How About a Giveaway? Giveaway Closed!

Date Night In has graciously given me an extra August box to give away for one of your to try. You can choose the Date Night In box for you and your partner or the Kids Night In box for your entire family to enjoy!

August’s Date Night In theme is Island Getaway. I’m imagining relaxation and fruity cocktails.

The Kids Night In Theme is Rise Up, and it looks like a superhero theme. Sounds fun for the littles!

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Do all 3 and I’ll give you 5 extra entries! Just let me know in a comment here that you did them all!

Contest ends Tuesday, August 6th at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced within 24 hours of giveaway close. Winner has 24 hours to claim prize; otherwise a new winner will be announced.

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