Date Night In Box – February Unboxing and Review (And How to Score 2 Free Dates!)

The Date Night In box for February had a ‘Key to My Heart’ theme. We had so much fun with the 1920s Parisian theme in this at-home date night. Read on to get a code for 2 free dates!

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This is the second month that my husband and I have received a Date Night In box and shared a great date night that’s completely planned out for us. Check out January’s review to see our first date (and some cheesy, ridiculous pictures!).

February’s theme was Key to My Heart, and it was an early 20th century Parisian focused theme. The box included: a dinner menu/activity guide, wax melts for atmosphere, crepes to snack on, two 5 Love Languages quizzes, an escape-room style game, a password game, and paper and envelopes for writing love letters. 

There was so much in the box that we decided to break it into two date nights – and honestly, we wished we’d broken January’s box into two dates as well. And since the box has enough packed into it for 2 date nights, it makes the money completely worth it, because the cost is split over 2 dates.  Andrew and I are trying to have a date night every week, and this covers half the month now, which is awesome!


Date Night In – February (Night 1)

We didn’t use the dinner menu this time (it’s completely optional!) because I was making my husband a meal from the subscription box service I created for him for Christmas.

So we had dinner together with our son and used some of the ‘Table Talk’ topics that the activity guide includes. Then we put Camden to bed and the actual activities began!


5 Love Languages Quizzes

My husband had never heard of the 5 Love Languages. I definitely knew about them, and I always wished I could get my husband to do the quiz with me, but it just seemed kind of cheesy in other contexts. It was perfect here. We both did the quizzes (and ate the crepes at the same time!) and guessed where the other one would end up. 


And then we had some really honest conversation together. We both had a hunch about what Love Language the other person spoke, because we knew that we tried to love the other person in the one that we each valued the most. So it was really great to talk about why our Love Language was what it was, and how we would like the other person to use our LL to love us. Already, a week later, we’ve seen changes in how we approach this with each other. It is truly amazing! 

Password Game 

We decided to do the password game, because we spent so much time talking about the Love Languages and we thought the password game would be shorter than the escape room-style game. We were so wrong. The password game gave one word (like croissant) and you have to give your spouse a 1 word clue to try and get him to guess the word. You were supposed to keep score, but we were so terrible at it that we just played to get it right. There were some really easy ones, like tea, but others were super hard, like Treaty of Versailles. It was fun, but it did take us a loooong time to play (which is totally not a bad thing!)

We called it a night after that, and continued it on another night.


Night 2

Escape Room-style Game

For this game, we got 5 sealed clues. We decide to put a snack under each clue (treats from Andrew’s ‘Around the World’ subscription box), and whoever solved the clue first got to eat the snack. It’s all about the motivation, right? Haha.

The premise was that we were long-lost Parisian lovers in the early 20th century who were trying to find their way back to each other. So the clues gave us a date, time and place to meet up again and reunite with the love of our life. The clues were fairly simple, but they were fun to solve together. It took less time than we thought, but we still had a great time with it.


Love Letters

The last ‘activity’ was love letters to be written to each other. The activity guide included some starters to write the love letter to each other, so we didn’t have to sit around, pondering what to write. The guide suggested that, if you beat the escape-room style game, you got to exchange letters and read them. We chose to just to it as a love letter to each other, outside of the game. 

It isn’t often that we take the time to write love letters to each other, and I absolutely will hold onto and treasure the sweet letter that my husband wrote to me.


Conclusion (and How to Score 2 Free Dates)

I think this date (or dates) was even better than the January date box. It was fun, romantic, and really pushed us to examine our relationship together and to grow more deeply in that relationship. It was so nice to have the date already planned for us, especially since it was fun as well as well as a way of creating deeper connections.

I highly recommend that you check out Date Night In box as a way for you and your significant other to have some quality time together without having to leave your house or plan a single thing. AND, if you want to score 2 free dates with your 6 or 12 month subscription, use the code NIB2FREE!

March’s theme is Throwback, which appears to be an ode to the 80s! My husband is suuuuper excited about that one! 


If you try out a Date Night In box, post your pictures on Instagram and tag me (@biscuitsandgrading)! I can’t wait to see the fun you have together!


If you want to be kept up to date on all the Date Night In reviews (and get parenting tips and family-friendly recipes, too!), make sure you subscribe. There’s a freebie as well!

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  1. Ann

    This is such an adorable idea!! Especially if you have kids and can’t leave the house. 😂😂

    1. Lisa

      That’s why we love it! It’s hard with a little one, and getting a babysitter or worrying about bedtimes. This is so much easier and stress-free!

  2. Erin

    There are so many cool subscription boxes now! I would really love to try this one. Also, your husband’s face is priceless in the pic of him doing the Love Language quiz 😂

  3. Ariana

    What a cool idea for a subscription box! Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. lldameron

    This is really cool to see! I’ve seen these advertised online, but was curious what might actually be inside. My husband and I are knee-deep in the parent phase of life and it is just so hard to get ourselves together to actually go out on a date! This is a great way to make it happen!

  5. Strength and Sunshine

    How fun is that! What a cute idea!

  6. Lori Santiago

    This is so cool! My husband and I haven’t been on a date since my son was born lol this would be great for us! And u can even see yes giving this as a gift!

  7. Sarah

    Cute idea!! Love it

  8. thehabibihouse

    I love this! My husband and I need to commit to something like this.

  9. Modern Moms Club

    What a great idea! I think my partner and I can benefit from it.

  10. Sweet Miles Blog

    What a fun way for you guys to grow closer together!

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