GIVEAWAY – Date Night in Box March Review – 90s Throwback

The Date Night In subscription box is the perfect solution for busy couples who would like to fit in more dates. Date each other at home, spend less, have more fun, and don’t worry about hiring a babysitter!

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Every month, my husband and I get a Date Night In box delivered to our front door. It has all the makings for a fun date night (or two, depending on how much there is to do!). And it always gives recipes for a planned dinner and cocktail, and a playlist to match the theme.



This month’s theme was 80s/90s Throwback, and my husband was ALL IN! He says this was his favorite box so far (he loved it even more than the engineering/building box, and the Parisian love themed box).


The Contents

This Throwback box contained all the makings of a great childhood-reliving: Smarties, a Ring Pop, Pop Rocks, an inflatable microphone, a Rubik’s cube, plastic sunglasses, and one of those pens that switches between a ton of different colors! Do you remember those awesome pens?? We coveted those when I was little, before gel pens became the ‘in thing.’

The box also contains the actual date night activities: Truth/Dare (or Karaoke – to switch it up), M.A.S.H., 80s/90s trivia and TableTalk Questions.



The Recipes

Guys – the recipes this time were so cool: homemade Hot Pockets and homemade Dunkaroos! Do you remember Dunkaroos from your childhood? We only got them a few times because they were too expensive to feed to 4 kids, but we loved them. Basically, they were graham cracker sticks that you dipped in sprinkle-covered frosting. 90s health at its best, haha. But still, worth making one time at home to relive the memory/ Although, my husband had never heard of them. 

Plus the box came with the things to make your own freeze pop (and they included a boozy version to spice yours up if you want!). 


date night in box truth or dare

The Activities:

The Table Talk Questions focused on talking to each other about fun memories from our childhood. Some of the questions were things we already knew about each other, but we learned some new stuff too/

The 80s/90s trivia was not easy. There were some things we easily knew (who were Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael?) and some that we vaguely remembered but couldn’t place (what was the name of the first successfully cloned sheep?). But it was definitely fun!

We thought the Truth or Dare was okay. It taught us that we will never win any moonwalking contests, haha. We didn’t really do the karaoke because we’d just put Camden down for bed and didn’t want to be too loud. 

And then – M.A.S.H. My husband, because he’s a boy, never played this in elementary school. Did you? You remember the game – you’d list out guys you could marry, places you could live, and how many kids you were going to have. Then, based on a randomly chosen number, you counted and crossed out options until you had one left in each category and that was your future. This was the grown-ups version of M.A.S.H. and included things like dream vacation, relationship goals, retirement location, etc. It was super silly and fun to dream up answers with Andrew and then find out what our future was going to be. Definitely a throwback to silly grade school games!

date night in mash

Overall Conclusion

We really enjoyed this box. Like I said earlier, it is Andrew’s favorite box so far (probably because he’s obsessed with that era). And I thought it was light-hearted and fun too. And I’ll say again – I love not having to leave the house to create a fun date night where we get to know each other more. I love being able to grow our relationship without the added burden of planning a date night and a babysitter.


Lucy and Gwen loooooved the sunglasses. hahaha!

The Giveaway!

I love Date Night In boxes so much that I want to share it with all of you! With the help of Date Night In box, I’m going to send one of you a Date Night In box to try for free! Enter below – there’s a ton of ways to get entries! The contest will run until Friday, April 5th at 4:00pm CST. I will announce a winner within 24 hours, and the winner will receive an email from me. They will have 24 hours to respond to the email; otherwise a new winner will be chosen!

This is an awesome way  to have a chance to try a Date Night In box! I’m so excited, because I’m sure you’re going to love it as much as I do! Make sure you enter below!

If you win, you’ll receive the April Date Night In box! The theme is ‘Let Love Grow.’ which sounds super spring-y and fun! I have no doubt that this will be a great box to win! And, if you don’t win but still want to give Date Night In a try (you totally should!), use the code NIB2FREE to get 2 free dates with your 6- or 12-month subscription.


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Date Night In Box #datenightinbox #nightinboxes #datenight #nib
Date Night In Box #datenightinbox #nightinboxes #datenight #nibDate Night In Box #datenightinbox #nightinboxes #datenight #nib

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  1. Shannon Dewease

    I can see why it was his favorite date night box! It sounds awesome, and who doesn’t love a homemade hot pocket?!

    1. Lisa

      Right? I’m pretty sure if I tried a store bought hot pocket, I’d think they were gross now, but the homemade ones are good!

  2. momsbest10

    This is such a cool concept! I love the 90s theme, so cool!

    1. Lisa

      It really was super cool! You should definitely check it out!

  3. Charley

    I love your review !!! This box was definitely a fun throwback!! And I LOVE that we don’t have to hire a babysitter and leave the house for these dates- such a great perk!!

  4. Samantha Jo

    Oh man M.A.S.H brings back so many memories! 😂

  5. Sibiatp

    I totally remember the dunkaroos! I didn’t do the meal portion and I regret it so much. Ps I love your pets wearing the glasses so much!

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