Date Night In August – Unboxing and Review

Date Night In is our favorite monthly subscription box! The Date Night In August box was themed as an Island Getaway, and it was a great way to end our summer! 

August Date Night In Subscription box


Date Night In provided me with a box to review, but all opinions are my own. I would never recommend something I didn’t enjoy, and Date Night In is one of our favorites! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a post through a link, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog! 



What is Date Night In?

Date Night In is a subscription box service that sends a fully planned, all-activities-included date night in a box to your doorstep each month. Each month has a theme, and the box includes recipes, snacks and activities geared toward helping you and your significant other reconnect and grow your relationship together.

Whether you’re busy parents, both working full time, or just looking to have some fun together, Date Night In is great, because you don’t have to go anywhere to do it.

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Date Night In August Outer Box

Date Night In August box theme

The theme for the August Date Night In box was Island Getaway. All of the food and activities were meant to make us feel like we were on our own little tropical getaway.  Luckily the 90 degree temperatures helped to cement that feeling. Ha.

The box included a date guide, table talk, recipes, 3 different games, a message-in-a-bottle activity, a snack, and a candle-making activity. As is typical, there were enough activities that we got 2 date nights out of the box.


August Date Night In – The Food

The boxes usually include some sort of snack to eat while you’re doing the rest of the date activities. This month, it was a tropical dried fruit mix with no sugar added! That is something I can appreciate, haha. It was delicious, but we had to share it with our toddler, because toddlers love fruit.

The recipes for August’s date included fish tacos and coconut macaroons. My husband hates coconut so we didn’t give the cookies a try (although I’m planning to make them for myself!).

There’s always a drink recipe (alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions), but we don’t usually do those. Our date nights most often happen on a weeknight after Camden has gone to bed, and I’m not really a weeknight drinker. I’m already tired; I don’t need to be more tired. But the tropical drink recipe sounds really good. And the recipes come on a sturdy card, so I stick them in our recipe card box so we can have them another time! Definitely a bonus because you get more than one use!

daddy and son playing with water pistol game 1

August Date Night In #1 – Time to Get Silly!

The first – and favorite – game included in this box involved golf tees, ping pong balls and small water pistols. We poked the golf tees into the side of the box to make them stand and then balanced the golf tees on them. Then we filled the water pistols and took turns shooting the balls off the stands to see who could do it better and faster.

We knew that Camden would love to be involved in this game too, so we did this as a family before he went to bed. The water pistols are small enough that he was able to squirt them, and he thought it was the greatest thing ever! And then we all ran around chasing each other and having a squirt gun fight, and it made this mama’s heart so happy!

I’ve said it before – I love that so many of the things we get in our box are reusable – and a lot of the time they’re things we hand down to Camden. The water pistol game was fun (and we both agreed we’ll play again soon!). And it was even more fun to do it with our little man. And now we’ve got the water pistols to use with him later as well!

mom and son playing water pistol game 1

The Other Activities on Night #1

The box included a seashell candle making kit; we got a seashell candle holder, the wick, and the wax to melt for it. My husband actually really enjoyed the scent – it’s called Black Sands – so that was a nice surprise! It was easy to make and then fun to use during our date together.

We also played the word challenge game on our first date as well. Each card had a bunch of letters on it, and we were given one minute to each come up with as many words as we could create out of some or all of the letters. I’m kind of a word-game master (haha), so I did win, but my husband held his own and really enjoyed it too! It was a fun game that didn’t take any time to learn, but plenty of time to enjoy!


august date night in word game 1

Date Night In August – Night #2

There were still plenty of activities left to enjoy on our second date night. The first one was a message in a bottle. There was a page included to write a message; you could choose to write it to yourselves in the future, someone else in the future, a random person, etc. Then you also chose what to do with it – keep it to open like a time capsule someday, keep for a loved one to open, hide around town for someone random to find, etc. It was an interesting spin on the whole message in a bottle thing.

The second game included is called Love at Sea. It’s very much like Battleship without needing plastic boats to play. Since we love Battleship, we loved this game as well! 

Lastly, there was a Newlyweds style game, which included a list of questions that we were supposed to predict what the other one would say. We went through these pretty quickly, because we know each other pretty well. But we did find ourselves laughing a lot! And these would be even better if your relationship was newer than ours! 


Island Adventure Box – Worth It?

For my husband and I, date nights are few and far between. So if we’re going to get a date box and make time to have a couple of date nights, it better be really worth our time! 

This box definitely was worth it! It was so fun and packed full of activities. Plus they also included ways to continue the date if you want to make your date night(s) even longer! 

If you want to try out the boxes, you can use code 1FREEWITH3 and get a free box when you buy a 3 month subscription! Each box comes out to around $30. And if you get two date nights out of each box, your date night is costing you less than $15!

September Date Night In Love at Ease box

Next Month’s Theme – Date Night In Box (September)

The theme for next month’s Date Night In box is Love at Ease. That sounds like the perfect box for a busy September, especially if you’ve got school age kids and are easing (or blowing full force) back into school mode.

You can also get the Kids Night In box if you ‘d like a family date instead. September’s box is called Nutrition Explorers. The code for a free box works with Kids Night In as well! 

Date Night In is our favorite date night every month and this month was no disappointment! 

kids date night in september box

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