Date Night In (April) box review – Let Love Grow

The Date Night In April box provided us with plenty of ideas to grow our relationship as well as have fun together. We love having a preplanned date night at home – read our review of the month’s box below!

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Andrew and I sat on the couch last night  and watched an episode of American Housewife together. That’s honestly pretty unusual for us. Normally, we put Camden to bed, clean up the house, finish last minute chores, and then I take a shower so I can get some sleep. 

But once a month (or twice if the box has enough to do!), Andrew and I take the time after Camden goes to bed to have a date night together with our Date Night In box.


What is Date Night In?

If you haven’t heard me talk about Date Night In before, here’s the rundown: DNI is a subscription box that comes monthly. It contains everything you need to have a quality date night at home with your significant other. There are activities, games, in-depth questions, meal idea (food not included), a link to a custom playlist, and ideas to continue the date night. 

If you want to read past reviews and see what was in past boxes, here’s March (80s theme), February (1920s Paris theme), and January (building your relationship).

date night in april

Date Night In April – Let Love Grow

This month’s theme was Let Love Grow, which is perfect for the spring season. The food included fresh, healthy dishes, like a blackberry mint cocktail and a farro-and-veggie dish. We didn’t make the dinner this time around, but we usually love the recipes that are included! (I made Goat Cheese Risotto instead – so I can’t be too upset, because that’s my favorite!)

I usually make the included recipes and we have dinner with Camden as a family. Then we put him to bed and we have the rest of our date night with just the two of us. 

There was a soy candle included that smelled great, so we burned that while we did the activities. 

The Activities

The first thing we did was plant a basil plant together. We usually have a garden at our house, but we’re skipping that this year, so this little basil plant is all we’ve got! haha. We’ll see if we can remember to water it enough to see it sprout. It’s been a few days and no sprout yet. The pot that we planted it in is completely biodegradable. In 3 years, it’ll start to decompose and we just transfer the plant to the ground, pot included. We’ll see if we can keep the plant alive anywhere close to that long!

Then we did the relationship timeline. We plotted out important past events and then we had to plot new events that we hoped to do or achieve in the future. It was fun to make plans together and dream about what else we’d like to do in the future. 


Card Games

The box also included a deck of cards – but they were twofold. On the backside of the cards, there were relationship questions. Raspberry tea and a set of 2 reusable metal straws (and cleaning brush!) were included as a snack. So I made Andrew some tea (I only like chai, so none for me), we used the straws in our water, and I put out some chips and salsa. Then we took turns drawing cards and asking each other questions.

The questions were things we might not normally think to ask each other, like ‘what is your idea of a perfect day?’ or ‘if you only had one year left to live, what would you change about the way you live your life?’ It was interesting to ask each other the questions and even though it was just supposed to be the other person answering, we usually ended up both answering them and chatting about it.

After that, we used the cards to play a game. Andrew had never played Egyptian Ratscrew, so I taught him how to play that. It was fun because we normally play much more complicated games; so picking up a plain deck of cards was a nice change of pace.


Continuing the Date

The box has a page in the planner that gives you ideas of ways to continue the date night. There are activity idea that match the theme. And movie ideas that go along with the theme are listed as well. I think that’s awesome, because if you’ve got the whole day together, you can make a day of it. Or you could have part 2 another day as well. 

My Overall Thoughts

We enjoyed this box, just like we have enjoyed the others as well. April’s box seemed more lighthearted and simple than some of the others, but that was good. It was more on our pace, because the deck of cards were left to us to decide how long we wanted to use them and play games. 

We forgot to use the playlist, so I regret that, because the music is always nice. And I wish we would have made the recipes, because they looked so good. But I forgot to go to the store beforehand – oops. 

I definitely recommend Date Night In as a date night option if you’re a busy couple. If you want to have an easy date night at home that you don’t have to plan (and you don’t have to hire a babysitter), Date Night In could be for you.

Plus, if you’d like to include your children, there’s a Kids’ Night In box you can try as well! If you want to give Date Night In or Kids’ Night In a try, you can get 2 FREE dates with a 6- or 12-month subscription with the code NIB2FREE




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  1. jenna | the urben life

    Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun 🙂 I’ll def have to check it out. Thanks for your review!!

  2. Sheila

    This sounds like a lot of fun! Date nights are good for everyone!

  3. sevenbykat

    A Date Night Box seems like such an ingenious idea. The hubs and I can easily get into the same routine for dates and it sounds like a nice way to change things up without tons of planning involved!

  4. Stephanie

    I’ve never heard of the date night box, what a cute idea! I hope your basil plant grows large!

  5. Amber B. (@amberstarr82)

    Sounds like a fun idea to switch it up now and then!

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