Stylish Toddler Boy Clothes – a Lavendersun Boutique Review

Where to find stylish toddler boy clothes lavendersun

Cute, stylish toddler boy clothes can be really hard to find if you don’t know where to look. But you’re in luck – your little man can wear more than just sweatpants, and the price tag won’t break the bank either! Check out these cute outfits I found at Lavendersun Boutique! 


Where to find stylish toddler boy clothes lavendersun

Lavendersun gifted me with some of this clothing; others were purchased by me. All opinions are my own, however. 


It is really important to me to find cute, stylish and affordable toddler boy clothes for my 16 month old son. I hate hearing people say ‘there just aren’t cute boy clothes out there,’ because it’s just not true! I mean, check out these adorable dressy baby boy clothes and convince yourself they’re not the cutest things ever! 

Online and brick-and-mortar boutiques are trendy and numerous right now, but most of them are full of adorable baby girl clothes and nothing for the little men in your life. So I was super excited to discover Lavendersun, an online boutique for baby and toddler girls and boys – and the selection is enormous! 

There are so many outfits and toddler boy clothes to choose from on Lavendersun, I honestly had a really hard time making a choice. In fact, I’m probably going to cave and order a few more things pretty soon here (don’t tell my husband!). 

In the end, here’s what I got for Camden:


Camden steps mamas toddler boy clothes lavendersun

Mama’s Boy Adventure Two Piece Set

I knew I wanted something that said ‘mama,’ because Camden has outgrown all his mama clothing, but he’s got a ‘daddy’ swimsuit. I went with this outfit because it’s short-sleeved and the pants looked lightweight, so it’s a perfect summer outfit.

boy and his stick toddler boy clothes




jurassic romper lavendersun

Jurassic Park Romper 

I wanted a cute romper for summer, because this is the last summer I’ll be able to put Camden in one. Next year he’ll be 2 1/2 and it just wouldn’t be cute. This one has an adorable dinosaur print all over it, and every time Camden sees the dinosaurs, he says ‘Rawrrrr.’ Love

I don’t have a picture of Camden in this romper, because it really does fit true to size. I got him an 18 month so he could wear it this summer/fall, but right now, at 16 months, it’s just too big. I’ll have to give it another month. But it is adorable.



Camden striped lavendersun

Red Hoodie and Striped Pants

This is going to be a perfect fall outfit for Camden. I am obsessed with the hoodie and the little stripes in the hood that match the pants. It looks adorable on him, and it’s the perfect lightweight material to last us through the cooler days of fall without him getting too hot. My one issue with this outfit is the drawstring on the hoodie is a real drawstring; it actually pulls the hood tight. That can be a choking hazard for toddlers, especially during nap time, but it’s an easy fix. The drawstring can easily be pulled out. I’m just going to pull it out and the hoodie still looks super cute even without the string! 

back view striped outfit

My Thoughts on Lavendersun

The boutique is easy to navigate and well organized. I didn’t have any trouble finding lots of cute items for Camden.

The shipping did take a while – it was almost 2 weeks from my order date to my arrival date. But the items were coming from overseas, so that’s not unusual. That didn’t bother me; it just might be important to note if you’re on a time crunch. 

The quality of the clothes is great! They’re soft, and the fabric feels so smooth and silky on the clothes (especially on the romper!). The sweatshirt is lightweight. Everything is nicely sewn, and fits Camden well (or it will, once he finally grows enough, haha).

Size-wise, the items I got all fit true to size. I bought 18 month items, because Camden is 16 months, so I’d like to think he’s outgrowing his 12 month clothes soon. But his 18 months clothes are all still a little big, and these fit exactly the same way as all our Target and Carter’s clothing.


Lavendersun is on my list of places to find cute boy clothes now. They’ve got clothes up to 6T, so I’ll be able to shop there for a while. The prices are reasonable and I trust the quality of the clothes. Go check them out for yourself! 

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  1. caphairdiaries

    Love!!! How well do the clothes wash? My toddler is the king of stains 😉

    1. Lisa

      We’ve only had a couple of small stains, but after being sprayed with a stain spray and washed the same day, they came out clean!

  2. alongcamebby

    Love this type of fashion! Comfy and cool 🙂

  3. FitFamilyLifeBlog

    So cute for fall for my youngest! We’ll be living in smocked and seersucker til then ❤️

  4. Katie @ Teacher and the Tots Blog

    Such. It’s clothes! I love that Mamas Boy T-shirt. How do they seem to be holding up?

    1. Lisa

      So far they are holding up really well! I’m really impressed with the quality of them!

  5. kendallbird0622

    So cute! Now that my son is a little older, I actually dress him up more. When he was super little, he was in a onesie almost all the time.

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