Coffee Lovers Gift Guide – 25 of the Best Coffee Gifts for 2019

Collage of at Home Mugs Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? Or maybe you are the coffee lover and need some ideas to add to your wishlist. Whichever one you are – the gifter or receiver – these are some of the absolute best coffee gifts I have found. And, since I am a teeeeeny bit coffee obsessed (see here and here and here, haha), I know what good coffee is. I’ve collected some great coffee, coffee gifts and coffee equipment and complied it into one easy coffee gift guide so you can give the best coffee gifts you’ve ever seen! Ready to be the coffee-gifting queen or king?

Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

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Let’s Start With the Coffee in ‘Coffee Lovers’

boca java gourmet coffee lovers gift set stir sticks out

Here’s the thing: if you’re going to be a coffee lover, you’ve got to have a go-to amazing coffee brand. If you don’t have one yet, I’ve got you covered. And if you do have one, well, try Boca Java one time and you’ll change your mind.

Boca Java roasts their coffee fresh when you order it, so you always get freshly roasted (and freshly ground, if desired) coffee delivered to your doorstep. It smells amazing and it tastes even better! We were gifted two bags to try a few months back.  We fell so in love with it that we immediately order eight more bags! 

boca java closeup flatlay

If you want to gift the coffee lover in your life (or yourself) with the best coffee you’ve ever tasted, give their Gourmet Coffee Lovers Gift Set a spin! You can see it pictured in the photo above this one. You’ll get three bags of their most popular coffees, a stainless steel coffee scoop and 5 rock candy stirring sticks to sweeten up your coffee. It’s the perfect way to make the most coffee-obsessed people happy!

Even better, Boca Java has coffee club/subscription options, too!  If you buy anything from this Coffee Lovers Gift Guide, make Boca Java part of your purchase!

Best of all: Use code BISCUITS20 for 20% off your entire purchase! Gifting made easy AND affordable!

Note: Boca Java provided me coffee and compensation for purposes of review. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Coffee Equipment Gift Guide 

Collage of at Home Mugs Coffee Lovers Gift Guide


Mugs are a necessity for drinking coffee and living your best coffee life. I love being able to find cute mugs, holiday themed and non holiday themed. These gorgeous speckled mugs from West Elm come in three different colors, and they’re on sale for only $7 right now! If you love woodland animals, these owl and hedgehog textured mugs are so cute, too! I’m thinking these are going to find their way into my kitchen, too! 

If you’re serious about your coffee drinking, this temperature-controlled heated coffee mug from Ember may be right up your alley! You can control the temperature from an app on your phone, so your coffee stays hot the entire time you’re drinking it!

Collage of travel Mugs Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

If you tend to drink on the go more often than from an empty mug, luckily they’ve got an app-controlled heated travel mug, too! These are the coffee gifts I’m most hoping for this year!

If you prefer a basic travel mug, we’ve always had great luck with Contigo; our drinks stay hot all day long. While I was teaching, my coffee would still be warm at 1 p.m.! I’m also loving this Yeti Rambler 14 oz Insulated Mug, too.

Collage of Brewing Equipment Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Brewing Equipment

I’ve still got a classic Keurig, but I’d love to upgrade to the new duo Keurig that brews both individual k-cups and full pots of coffee! We got a Brew Buddy in one of our Date Night In boxes, and I thought it was such a cool little gadget! It’s a very basic and simple way to brew your coffee on the go; great for camping, traveling, or just to keep at work for brewing. It would make a cute stocking stuffer, too! Next, if the Coffee Lover you know likes cold brew, this Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a great choice, and if they’re a Keurig user, these reusable k-cups are an eco-friendly way to use freshly-ground coffee in the Keurig for fresher tasting coffee.


Food Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Collage of Candy for Coffee Lovers Gift Guide


Bali’s Best makes the best coffee-flavored candy, and this 2 lb candy jar features three flavors: Coffee, Espresso and Latte. Any coffee lover is going to love Coffee Rio’s variety pack of coffee candy, featuring flavors like Irish Creme Mint, Raspberry Mocha and Caramel Cafe. If you’re looking for hard candies, Mocati has a variety pack with caramel macchiato, mocha mint and espresso. And Dunkin’ has creamy chocolate coffee thins that would be fabulous in any coffee gift basket, too!

Collage of Stir Sticks for Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Gourmet Coffee Stir Sticks

Coffee stir sticks and swizzle sticks make beautiful – and useful – gifts for people who love coffee. My favorite picks are: this set of chocolate + peppermint hand dipped spoons, these candy cane stirring spoons (literally a candy cane shaped into a spoon!), and these hazelnut dipped spoons. I’m also loving these sweet sugar swizzle sticks and these pumpkin spice candy coffee spoons. 

Collage of sauces and syrups for Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Coffee Syrups and Sauces

A real coffee connoisseur loves a good syrup or sauce to help fancy up a cup of coffee.  Torani has a peppermint bark sauce that my husband and I buy in huge 64 ounce bottles – it’s that good. And Monin has a 5 pack of holiday syrups with flavors like gingerbread, peppermint and dark chocolate. Last, if you’re a loyal Starbucks fan, you can grab a 4 pack of their syrups, with classic vanilla, hazelnut and caramel. 

Collage of coffee food finds for Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Interesting Coffee Food Finds

I buy a lot of infused balsamic vinegars, and the last time I went to my favorite store, they introduced me to this Espresso Balsamic Vinegar, which is great for glazing and marinating beef, pork and chicken. If breakfast foods are your thing, this coffee infused maple syrup is a fantastic choice, and if you’re more of a snack bar person, these coffee-fueled snack bars are the perfect on-the-go snack! 



Coffee Themed Gifts for Coffee Lovers 

If you’re not sure what kind of coffee the coffee lovers in your life drink, but you want to get them a coffee-themed gifts, check out these great choices! 

Collage of coffee beauty and bath products for Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Bath and Beauty 

A coffee body scrub is a fantastic choice, because it smells great AND it’s fabulous for your skin! Tree Hut’s Mocha and Coffee Bean Body Scrub is only $5! And this BeanBody Coconut Coffee Scrub is perfectly natural. 

My other favorite body product that utilizes coffee is coffee soap. It’s touted as being great for exfoliating and scrubbing away dead skin cells, but I love it for another reason too. I keep a bar of coffee soap in the kitchen, because it cleans oils, butter and grease off of my hands better than any other soap. Coffee soap (this one is a goat milk coffee soap!) also scrubs away the scent of garlic when you’ve been using fresh garlic and have it all over your hands. 

Collage of coffee apparel for Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Coffee Themed Apparel

These coffee shirts and socks are so fun! The first pair of socks comes in a coffee mug gift container, or grab a three pack of coffee themed socks. The ‘I Like Coffee and Maybe Three People’ Shirt is perfect for the introverted coffee lovers (that’s me!). And the long sleeve ‘A Little Bit of Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus‘ is super cute, too! I’d love to be given any of these! 

Since phones are practically another part of our bodies, any coffee lover will love the chance to outfit it in a coffee theme, too. How about this adorable coffee phone case, or this finger ring holder and stand to help take better photos? These are both on my list this year! 

Collage of coffee random gifts for Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Random Coffee Gift Guide

Beth and Olivia Handmade is my favorite handmade jewelry and bath product small shop, and they’ve got an adorable handmade coffee cup necklace! Also, this coffee themed planner is perfect for all your caffeinated planning frenzies, and this coffee themed adult coloring book would be a perfect gift! And last, but not least, because I LOVE it, is this Roasted Coffee Scented Candle. It’s an all-natural soy candle, and it comes in a gorgeous gift box! 



So, there you have it – everything coffee lovers could ever want in a coffee gift guide! Are you the coffee lover in your life, and if so, what gifts are you adding to your list this year? Or are you buying one of these great gifts for someone in your life? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’re grabbing from the list! 


Make sure you head over to my Gift Guides page to check out all the awesome gift guides I’ve created to help you with your holiday shopping! 





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