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Have you started doing chores with your two year old yet? It’s the perfect time to start – they love to take responsibility and chores seem fun! Check out these ‘Chores for Two Year Olds’ and make sure you grab the free printable at the bottom!

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Learning responsibility is important, and it starts at a young age. The younger we teach kids to take responsibility for their actions and their material things, the more likelier they are to grow up to be responsible adults. Knowing this, my husband and I have started implementing easy chores for our two year old in his daily routine. I thought I’d share what we’re doing with him, so that maybe it’ll give you some ideas for your toddler!

I’ve included a printable list of chore ideas for your two year old! Save it to your Pinterest account or print it out and keep track of the chores your toddler will do. 


Mealtime Chores for Two Year Olds

When it’s time for dinner – or any other meal – Camden has a couple things he helps to do. It’s his job to carry his silverware or cup to the table before we eat. When we’re doing eating, he is responsible for picking up his plate and taking it to the kitchen. And his last chore is to come back to the table and push his chair all the way up to the table. 

He helps me make dinner if it’s something he can help with. That was our main reason for getting him a learning tower/kitchen helper, because he was always wanting to help cook. He stirs, measures, pours, etc – he even has his own set of cooking utensils loves when he has a chance to use them! My BBQ Chicken Lasagna is a fantastic recipe to get kids helping in the kitchen – Camden loves to layer the noodles, chicken and sauce! 

As he gets older, we’ll slowly start to give him more responsibility in setting the table for everyone, cleaning up, etc. 


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Playtime Chores for Two Year Olds

The big chore here is that Camden is responsible for cleaning up after himself. We make him clean up one room before he can move to the next. Or, if he’d like to do something fun like watch a show or play a game, he has to pick up whatever toys are laying out. It sounds logical, but honestly, if I didn’t make sure to tag this as one of his chores, I’d end up just putting him down for a nap or bed and cleaning up by myself without even thinking about it. 


Miscellaneous Chores for Toddlers

Camden helps feed the dog and cat in the morning, and when we leave, he gives the dog a treat.

When I do laundry, Camden has to help me take the clothes to washer. Once they’re dried, he helps me take them to his room. 

Once a week, he helps me clean his room, change sheets, vacuum, and anything else we need to do in there. That usually requires a lot of reshelving books that have been read all week long. 

It’s his job to take library books to the car with us, carry them into the library, and return them in the book drop. 

When we’re grocery shopping, Camden’s job is to help me get things off the shelf, scan them at the checkout, and pay with the card. 


To Reward or Not to Reward?

I don’t have any reward or payment attached to chores right now, because, for the most part, Camden is young enough that he enjoys helping out. He likes to help cook, sweep, mop, run the roomba, etc. He’ll wipe down the table with me if I request it. And often, if someone else spills water, he’ll go get a cloth on his own to clean it up. 

While he’s still intrinsically motivated to do chores, I won’t attach a reward to them. As he gets more reluctant to do them, I plan to implement a payment system. I haven’t decided what exactly I want to do, so I’d love to hear if you have something great that you use for your school-age kiddos! 


Free Printable Chore Tracker

Here’s the free printable ‘Chores for Two Year Olds’ idea list. Save it so you’ve got it handy as you implement chores with your toddler! Click on the image below to open the full size image in a new window and download it. 


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    I am a single mother with three children all of them of preschool age so I know how important keeping organised. The eldest child I raised with a variety of printable charts. The stars chore chart works best. We stopped using star maps of household chores because we need too many of them. Now I use the Manini app for three children. These are the same printable cards but in the phone. In the app, you can mark the completion of tasks and children like it very much. And the app has a goal Board that lists all chores and self-care for kids under the age of 5. We mark together with the children the tasks that have already been mastered. Also they actually ask for tasks themselves to make a mark the task. I felt much better. And I have time to take self-care.

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