Blueberry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal

blueberry vanilla baked oatmeal

This Blueberry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal is the perfect make-ahead, big batch recipe to keep your breakfasts healthy and delicious all week long!

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Baked oatmeal is practically a staple in our house. When I lived alone, I made big batches of it and ate it for lunch every day. After my husband and I started dating, I introduced him and he asks for it all the time now. When I was nursing and needed to keep my supply up, I added lactation ingredients to create a milk-boosting baked oatmeal. And now my toddler loves having baked oatmeal with a thin layer of peanut butter for his morning meal!

But I was continually making the banana bread baked oatmeal version over and over and over, and I finally decided it was time to create a new recipe. We had blueberries in the fridge – which turned out to be so lucky – so I created this easy Blueberry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal. It was a hit in our house, and it’ll be a hit in yours too!


Meal Prep Your Breakfast Time

Here’s the thing: lots of us are great at meal planning/meal prepping dinners, and maybe even lunches for the week. But I hear so many moms (and women in general) saying that breakfast just gets shoved to the side. It’s a free for all, and the kids and you either eat nothing or cereal or some other less-than-healthy option.

That’s why these Blueberry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal squares are so great. I make these on Sunday, and then we have 18 squares of oatmeal for breakfasts for the week. Every day, I just pull out one for each of us – so three – and heat them in the microwave for 1 minute. Breakfast is ready! And, bonus, they are sturdy enough that my husband sometimes throws his on a plate and takes it in the car with him. So much healthier than a cereal bar or pop-tart, and honestly, way better tasting, too! 

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Blueberry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal – the Ingredients

Here’s your handy, quick-glance grocery list:

  • rolled oats (not quick oats)
  • fresh or frozen blueberries
  • a banana
  • vanilla oat milk (or vanilla almond milk or soy milk)
  • vanilla extract
  • sugar/sweetener of choice (stevia, brown sugar, monkfruit, honey, etc – whatever you like to use)
  • cinnamon

Note: I prefer organic rolled oats, because glyphosate in oats is a real problem. I buy my oats in bulk from Amazon, because I can only find small containers of organic oats in the store. 

Alright, grab your ingredients and let’s make some oatmeal! 


Making the Blueberry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal 

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Spray two 8×8 glass or metal baking pans with cooking spray or line with foil and spray. 


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In a large mixing bowl, measure 10 cups of old fashioned rolled oats. Pour in 3 1/4 cups of vanilla oat milk (or soy or almond), 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 1 mashed banana. Sprinkle (or pour) 1/4-1/2 cup of your favorite sweetener. Mix thoroughly. Stir in 2 cups of fresh or frozen blueberries.


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See the notes below for some additions you can add to change up your baked oatmeal.

Divide your blueberry oatmeal mixture between the 2 8×8 pans. Bake at 275 for 15-18 minutes, or until liquid is evaporated and oatmeal is set.


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If you’re eating it immediately, let the oatmeal set and cool for a few minutes before cutting into squares. 

If you’re meal prepping these for breakfasts for your week, let cool completely before cutting. Cut each pan into 9 squares. I stack them on a paper plate and put the plate in a gallon ziploc bag in the refrigerator. Then I can pull one out every morning for breakfast. 


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But the Oatmeal in the Photos is Heart Shaped!

You’re right, I did not cut this batch into squares. I wanted to do something festive and cute for Valentine’s Day, so I used cookie cutters to cut heart shaped oatmeal out. But, as I’m sure you can guess, that meant there were a bunch of random pieces of baked oatmeal left. What to do with all the scraps?

Make Baked Oatmeal Yogurt Parfaits, of course! I layered baked oatmeal and other delicious ingredients to create another great breakfast option (bonus: it’s also a make-ahead recipe!)


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How I Serve and Eat My Blueberry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal

You can absolutely eat this delicious baked oatmeal exactly as it is. But my favorite way to eat mine (and my husband and toddler’s favorite way) is to spread a really thin layer of peanut butter over the top. 

If you’re pulling the oatmeal out of the fridge to heat in the microwave, spread the peanut butter over it before you heat it for a minute. 

If you’re eating it fresh from the oven, spread the peanut butter on it, and it will melt nicely. 

You can also use any nut butter – almond, cashew, etc – or Nutella to top your oatmeal. They’re all delicious! 



  • Additions: add white chocolate chips or chocolate chips to your oatmeal batter with your blueberries for an extra sweet taste. 
  • Fruit Substitutions: use mixed berries instead of just blueberries for an interesting, more complex fruit taste. 
  • Milk Substitutions: you can use dairy milk, but it will lose the vanilla taste that other types of milk have. You can add a bit more vanilla extract, but too much is going to leave an aftertaste, so be careful. 


If you like this Blueberry Vanilla Baked Oatmeal, make sure to check out the rest of my recipes! And subscribe so that you don’t miss anything important. 

I’d also love for you to share a photo over on Instagram if you make this delicious breakfast! 

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