Apple Suncatcher Craft (Apple Week)

I try to do a craft and a sensory bin with every ‘unit of study,’ because they’re fun, they work on fine motor skills, and they’re great ways to help kids learn. With our apple week, we’ve done so many fun things, like our Apple Tree Sensory Bin, and Apple Tasting Activities. We’re closing out this year’s apple week – I’m sure we’ll be back with more next year! – with an Apple Suncatcher Craft.

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Materials for Apple Suncatcher Craft

You’ll need:

  • colored tissue paper (I bought precut squares – there are a ton of them in the package)
  • black construction paper
  • clear contact paper
  • apple template
  • glue
  • scissors

Print 2 copies the free apple suncatcher craft template onto black construction paper by clicking the photo below. You may need to trim the black construction paper to fit the printer. You’ll be able to see the outline enough to cut it out.

apple suncatcher printed on black paper

Prep the craft by cutting out the apple pieces. Cut out the outside of the apple, then cut the inside of the apple and the inside of the leaves. It is easiest to use a craft knife (like an X-acto knife) to cut out the inside of the leaves.

Apple Suncatcher craft cut out apple

Prep the tissue paper by cutting it into small squares. Lay out the tissue paper squares for easy access.

apple outline on contact paper

Cut a piece of clear contact paper larger than one of the apples. Lay one apple outline on top of the sticky side of the contact paper. Contact paper is suuuuuper sticky, so you’ll only get one chance.

How To Make an Apple Suncatcher Craft

boy making apple craft

Lay the sticky apple in front of your child. Let them stick tissue paper squares all over to cover the entire apple.

hands sticking tissue paper on craft

Squeeze a thin line of glue around the border of the apple. Line up the second apple (make sure you’ve flipped it over so the leaves match up correctly) and glue it on. Lay a piece of contact paper, sticky side down, on top of the second apple.

apple suncatcher tissue paper craft

Trim around the edges of the apple to finish.

finished apple suncatcher craft

Using the Apple Suncatcher

Hand your child the apple suncatcher and let them go over by the window or outside and hold it up to the light. Let them marvel at the light shining through the suncatcher.

Boy looking at apple suncatcher craft

Then tape it to the window. Choose one where the sun will shine directly through at some point during the day. When the sun shines directly through it, help them notice how it creates spots of color on the floor or table, or wherever the sun hits.

apple suncatcher on window

Take It Up a Notch

While this apple suncatcher craft has a few parts that an adult has to do, being able to stick on colored tissue paper squares practices fine motor skills and allows for creative freedom.

You can take the creativity up a notch, though. Instead of cutting the tissue paper into squares, give your child scissors and small pieces of tissue paper. Let them cut it into whatever shapes they want and stick it onto the contact paper apple. Even if there is clear space leftover, that’s okay! It’s the creative process, and it’s their project.

Book Recommendation? Of course!

I kept this activity low-key on the learning. Just lots of fun creativity and a fun book to go with it.

pinkalicious apple children's book

We read Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples by Victoria Kann. It’s a cute book about picking too many apples and deciding to share them with the whole town.

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