Apple Seeds & Tasting Activity (Apple Week) with Free Printable!

Apples and apple tasting chart

We started Apple Week with an Apple Labeling Activity, and now we’re moving on to studying the seeds and tasting apples.

Apple Tasting and Seeds Activities Pinterest

To do this activity, I purchased three different types of apples: Ginger Gold, Granny Smith and Honeycrisp. I purposely chose a yellow, green and red variety, but you can choose any three kinds of apples you want.

Apple Seeds

We started out by watching ‘Blippi Visits an Apple Factory.’ It’s fun, educational and engaging. We find all our Blippi videos on YouTube Kids.

Then I had Camden wash and cut the three apples in half. I gave him a baby spoon to dig the seeds out of each apple, and we counted to see if each one had a different amount. (FYI: In How Do Apples Grow? we read that an apple can have up to 10 seeds, but no more.)

If you want to, you could have your child plant an apple seed and see it start to grow into a sprout.

Book Suggestion, Please

Johnny Appleseed book

This is the perfect time to read about Johnny Appleseed! We read Johnny Appleseed: My Story by David L. Harrison, and we talked about how John Chapman was a real person who walked all over the country, planting apple trees from seeds.

Apple Tasting Activity

Next, we chose 3 different apple varieties to taste test.

boy ready to taste apples

I chose a yellow, red, and green variety, but any will work. Whatever you can get your hands on!

apples and apple tasting chart unwritten

We used an apple tasting chart to keep track of what we thought about each apple. You can click here to open and print it.

Apple Tasting chart printable

Cut the apples into thin slices or cubes and take turns trying each one.

Tasting apples for apple tasting activity

Circle on the chart whether each person loved, liked or hated the apple.

Filling out apple tasting chart

After we tried all of our apples, we decided which one was our favorite. Cam needed to go back and taste them all again, which is why I recommend thin slices. You want there to be extra for re-tasting.

When we finished, I turned the paper over and write “I loved _________ the most.” I filled mine in and then Camden’s. and then Camden read them both to me.

Letter Focus – Capital A

Today’s activities were simple and hands-on, so we also practiced writing letter A. I make some dotted A’s for him to trace, and then he worked on writing them himself. We’ll practice a couple days of capital A, and then we’ll add lowercase a.

When I introduced A, I said, “A says ‘a’ like in ‘a-a-apple.’ Repeat that. A says ____?” because the sound that the letter makes is the most important part of learning the letter.

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