Apple Labeling Activity (Apple Week) + Free Printable

apple with toothpick labels

We’re starting our Apple Week by studying the parts of an apple. Here’s how we learned about apples and worked on this Apple Labeling Activity:

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Read an Apple Book

We read ‘How Do Apples Grow?‘ by Jill McDonald, which is part of the ‘Hello, World’ series. It’s an engaging look at how apples grow, where they come from, and how we eat them.

how do apples grow book

Apple Labeling Workpage

After we read the book, I printed off this apple workpage.

apple labeling workpages


I laminated both the apple and the labels so that we could use it over and over. Click here to open and print the worksheet.

Label an Apple page

There is a page in ‘How Do Apples Grow?’ that you and your child can refer to if they forget what some of the parts of the apple are. Also, three of the four words start with ‘s,’ so if your child is not yet reading or pre-reading, this is not the time to expect them to read the words. Read them aloud and let them take the label and put it on the apple.

boy gluing labels on worksheet


Label a REAL Apple

Print a second page of labels and cut them out.

apple labels toothpicks

Then tape each label onto a toothpick.

apple labels

Cut an apple in half. We use these kid-safe knives so Camden can do the cutting himself. Let your child look at the inside of the apple. Don’t say much at first; just let them say what they see.

real apple with labels

Then take the toothpicks and read each one to your child. Let them stab the toothpick into the correct apple part. Use the book and worksheet to help them doublecheck their work.

kid sticking labels in apples
apple with toothpick labels

After they finish labeling, let them remove the toothpicks. Then ask your child if they remember how many seeds an apple can have (the book tells us – an apple can have up to 10 seeds).

Dig out the seeds from your apple, count them – hold onto them for later – and eat the apple.

Take It a Step Further

Remove the toothpicks and give a short fraction lesson. Help your child understand that the apple is cut in half, which means two people can eat it. Tell them that 4 people want to eat the apple, so we have to figure out how many pieces we need.

Let them figure out that they should cut each half in half, and that four pieces are called called ‘fourths.’

After that, let them eat the apple fourths (or share them with you)!

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